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Why apply for the 400 telephone customer service hotline?

A 400 number can be bound to multiple mobile phones and landline numbers, and multiple customers call at the same time, and the incoming calls will be intelligently transferred to an idle mobile phone or phone, so as to answer at the same time without losing any business opportunities.Enterprises that attach importance to after-sales service Enterprises that attach importance to after-sales service Now because of the sales model of products or services, many enterprises attach great importance to after-sales service.Research has shown that customers are more likely to choose to call 400 for the same service call.Compared with mobile and landline numbers, 400 calls have a higher connection rate.So how much do you know about 400 calls?The source of enterprise development is customers, and the most frequent contact with customers is…

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How much does a 400 phone call cost?Can you get a discount?

How much does a 400 phone call cost?This is the main concern of customers, but for marketing, the information transmitted to the market is rather confusing, resulting in many people who want to handle 400 calls, but do not know the cost of 400 calls. Therefore, this article is used to explain the composition of 400 calls. 400 phone number fee There is no number fee for the 400 phone number, because the 400 phone number is a phone number leased according to the lease period, which is only a usage time period.So why is the 400 phone number more expensive?Rare is the most expensive, the license plate number is also the same, the phone number is the same, the bank card number is no exception, better...

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400 phone service package price-20210311

The corporate image is very important, and it must be reliable to improve the appearance; The background setting is intelligent, and there are various transfer methods; No need to worry about changing numbers when moving, and employees leave handovers when they leave; Recommended on March 3 >>>>> 11 4000060606 4000070707 4006676767 4006787878 4000191919 Group top number, more 4000797979 phone price 400 yuan / 168888 years 3 4006675858…

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400 phone service package price-20210310

Ding dong, a new day has begun, and those who struggle are the most beautiful and full of vitality today! March 3 Recommended Number 10 4006909999 4006206666 4000616666 Group top number, more 4006067777 phone price 4006619999 yuan / 4000178888 years 400 168888 3 4000583666 4000873666 high quality super ...

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400 phone service package price-20210309

To buy and not to buy is never a question of price, but of value. 400 calls, 48 ​​value-added functions, help you seize every business opportunity and help enterprises solve pre-sales and after-sales communication problems~! Recommended number on March 3th 9 4000656666 4000676666 4000686666 4000698888 4000978888 Group top number, more 4000178888 phone price 400 yuan / 168888 years 3 4008778686 4008056868

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400 phone service package price-20210308

Some people care about price, some people care about quality. Low-cost customers often can't even find the person in charge in the later stage, but customers who pursue quality can always sell 24-hour service. Recommended on March 3: 8 4006206666 4000776666 4000616666 4000706666 4006909999 Group Pretty number, more 4000969999 phone price 400 yuan / 168888 years 3 4006867999 4006975888 4006715888 4006986999…

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400 phone service package price-20210305

No brand is really a big name because "their stuff is so cheap"! 400 is precious, so the company is equipped with March 3 recommended 5 4000022222 4000033333 4000055555 4000766666 4000988888 Platinum group nickname, more 4000699999 phone price 400 yuan / 1280000 years 3 4000567567 ...

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400 phone service package price-20210304

Good product ➕ good brand ➕ good model 400 is not seasonal, hot all year round, March 3 recommended 4 4000178888 4006619999 4006909999 4006206666 4000616666 Group, the top number, the more the price of 4006067777 yuan telephone 400/168888 years 3 4006072888 4006132888 4006732888 4006975888 4006715888 Super pretty...

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400 phone service package price-20210303

When you fall in love with quality, it is difficult to like cheap; when you have taste, it is difficult to accept the future.The quality is not perfunctory, and the service is imminent. Recommended on March 3rd 3 4000706666 4006858888 4000039999 4006679999 4000889889 Group top number, more 4000668668 phone price 400 yuan a year

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