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400 Phone FAQ

What is the 400 number?

The 400 phone is made up of 10 digits and is a virtual phone. A 400 call is a call in which the calling party and the called party share the charge. The calling party pays the local call access fee, and the called party pays the local call or long distance fee.
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What are the benefits of a 400 call?

It has the characteristics of brand image, uses the function and attributes of dialing by phone, can intervene in incoming calls when the phone is on, can do transfer, can do satisfaction surveys, can do color ringtones, and can do historical data analysis. Features.

The company's business volume is not large, do I need to do 400 calls?

need.No matter the size of the company, there will definitely be a certain amount of advertising investment. In the process of corporate publicity, when you use 400 calls naturally, you can also highlight the corporate image, which can increase the trust of the company and better demonstrate its strength. 400 calls are free long-distance charges. Business potential customers are more willing to call.

Do I need to buy other software or hardware to handle 400 calls?

No need, 400 phone does not need to add any equipment and lines, even if only a direct line phone can be used, bind your number to the 400 phone when users across the country call 400, the system will automatically transfer.

How to choose a package?

Choose a suitable package according to the actual situation.But don't be greedy for low-end numbers such as cheap prices and monthly subscriptions, which may save the purchase cost, but lose more customers because of the inferior platform.

 What fees do I need to pay for a 400 call?

When applying for the 400 telephone service, the number selection fee, activation fee, and monthly fee can be waived. You only need to pre-store a certain amount of call fee and the additional function fee you choose according to the selected number.


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