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What is the difference between 400 phone number carriers?

Now 400 calls are assigned by the three major operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Their differences are briefly summarized as follows:
1. On the paragraph:
2. On the number of numbers:
联通4000、4006号段,电信4008号段是全号段放号,也就是从4000-000000 至4000-999999,4006-000000 至4006-999999,4008-000000 至4008-999999 这个范围内的号码随便组合,只要存在的号码都可以办理,而4009、4001、4007还是部分号段放号,没有全部放,卖一部分放一部分,相对来说号码量少。
3. In function:
The three major carriers 400 phones are functionally identical.

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