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How to choose a 400 phone number?

How to choose a 400 phone number?Operators have classified numbers as A, B, C, D, E.These five categories of numbers.
Among them, A, B, D, and E are listed as 400 telephone premium numbers.
The types are roughly divided as follows:
Category B: four consecutive numbers, ABCABC segment (such as McDonald's 4008-517-517)
Class D: the mantissa is triple, or ABAB type,
Category E: Generally, the numbers designated by state-owned units or special institutions, such as 12580, 95, 10*, the beginning of which is included in 400 calls, generally requires special applications, and may not be approved. Operators control this area. Still pretty strict.
When we apply for these A, B, D, E class 400 special numbers, the required procedures: the original business license, the ID card of the legal person, (if it does not involve the series of finance, securities, tourism, ticketing, freight, etc.) For sensitive industries, the ID card of the manager can be shown.) The specific opening time is not the normal number. It will be opened within three working days. The specific number is subject to the actual review.

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