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What are the characteristics and application scope of 400 telephone service?

400 phoneThe service is an apportioned payment service for the calling and the calling party. The service features and functions are similar to the 800 toll free service that has been widely opened. It is an upgraded version of the 800 toll free service. Advanced customer service concept to help companies quickly establish their own customer service center, aiming to enhance the company's service brand image, thereby enhancing market competitiveness.
Because 400 business has the characteristics of unifying the image of corporate communication and improving the quality of corporate services, it has been used by many well-known enterprises, especially in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities. It has become the preferred communication method for enterprises.National unified access number.Simple, easy-to-remember, and unified corporate contact information is like a unique business card for a company, quickly establishing a unified corporate image and establishing a corporate service brand!Never busy, voice navigation, select service process according to prompts, improve work efficiency.

business definition

"400 service", also known as the calling and called sharing payment service, is a service that provides the called customer with a nationwide unique number, and connects the call to the number to the called customer's pre-specified destination (telephone number or call center) nationwide intelligent network business.The calling fee of this service is shared and paid by the calling party and the called party.
400 Enterprise Line is the calling and called sharing service, and it is an upgraded version of the 800 free phone service. Compared with the 800 phone, it has four major advantages:
1. The mobile phone can make calls, expand 4.5 million mobile phone users, and expand the nationwide application;
2. The call fee is 800% lower than the 50 free phone number
3. Reduce invalid calls and long talk, prevent harassment and improve office efficiency;
4. The networking is fast, and it can be transferred according to the region, and only one number is used in the whole country;

Business functions

400 business opens the following functions:
1) Automatic phone assignment
Connect the call to a different phone number or call center according to the location of the call made by the caller (such as area code, phone number);
Connect the call to a different phone number or call center according to the time of the call made by the caller (such as: Monday – Sunday, 00:00-23:59);
Allocate calls to different phone numbers or call centers by percentage (accurate to 1% minimum).
2) Automatic call forwarding in case of busy/no answer
With the called number busy or no answer transfer function, when the called number is busy or no answer, the incoming call can be transferred to 4-10 numbers specified by the business user in advance.
The called customer can allow calls from users in certain areas and block calls from other areas; or disallow calls from users in certain areas but allow calls from other areas.
4) Special password
The called customer can require all incoming calls to enter the correct password in advance before they can be connected.
5) Call charge sharing
Call charges can be shared between calling and called users.Allocation method: the calling user pays the local call fee, and the called user service usage fee.
6) Cost control
The called customer can set an upper limit on the total monthly cost or the total number of calls per month, and the connection will be stopped automatically after the number is exceeded.
7) Call Analysis
When the called customer needs it, the company can provide call analysis reports, including: number of calls, busy, no answer, total call duration, average call duration, and expert-level analysis of usage.
8) List query:
When users need to check the call list, they only need to log in to our website and enter the 400 number and password to check the number list.
9) Enterprise Cailing
According to the personalized needs of enterprises, we can customize different types of welcome words for enterprises.
10) Change the answering number at any time
When the enterprise needs to arrange different personnel on duty, it can log in to the background and bind the phone number of the personnel on duty.
11) Voice Navigation
When there are many departments in the enterprise, the phone will be automatically connected to the corresponding department through voice selection.


1. Improve the corporate image and get immediate results
In the eyes of ordinary people, companies with a 400 national unified number are big companies. Applying for a 400 number can greatly enhance the corporate image when used in publicity pages, business cards, and advertisements. In fact, the cost of 400 calls is very small, 1 Yuan/day, either.
2. The same advertisement, the effect is increased by 50%
Imagine: If your company and competitors advertise in a certain media at the same time, and your company's contact number is the only unified number for access without area code in the country: 400-666-8888, what will be the effect?Customers will definitely call your company!
3. National unified number, no change of number when moving, no loss of business
As long as the 400 number is bound to your company's original fixed or mobile phone number (the number is not limited), if your company moves, just re-bind the new fixed or mobile phone number with the 400 number, the number will not last for life Change, business will never be lost!

Business Scope

400 Telephone AgentsThe 400 telephone service is suitable for the company's switchboard, consulting hotline, after-sales service hotline, investment hotline, member hotline, ordering hotline, sales hotline, guessing hotline, etc. It is the national unified call center access number!
1. Enterprises and institutions that need to establish a corporate customer service hotline (call center), such as securities and fund companies;
2. Enterprises that do national business (including IT electronics industry, manufacturing industry, logistics industry, tourism service industry, media information industry, etc.);
3. Information value-added services, information desks, Internet companies (ISP/ICP), etc.;
4. National chain enterprises;
5. Government institutions, building a bridge of communication between the government and the public;
6. Enterprises that fail to apply for a dedicated short number as the access code for the enterprise customer service center in the Ministry of Information Industry.
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