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The value of 400 calls

As400 Telephone Agents, We must first understand the value of 400 calls, understand the value of 400 calls, in order to better communicate with customers, and turn customers from 400 calls to loyal users of 400 calls.We will illustrate the benefits of 400 calls for business in the following areas:

400 phone brand image

We look at any well-known brand, and all have 400 phones. The bigger brands have Call Center, that is, call center, not only 400 phone system but also call management system, in order to serve customers well and cherish hard-won market share.
big brands have400 phone, which also forms people's cognitive habits, usage habits and trust habits. Therefore, no matter whether the company is a big brand, whether it understands the way of brand management, 400 calls can indeed enhance the brand image and make you more competitive in the competition. chips.
The difference is that big companies do dare to drop 4-6 consecutive numbers 8, 6, 9, or even multiple 400 phone numbers, no matter how we manage at least one, without spending money (basically).

The essence of 400 customer service telephone operation

The essence of the 400 customer service call is that the enterprise is responsible for the customer, responsible for the customer, and responsible for the improvement of its own service process.Actively collect the company's product, operation, sales and other issues through 400 calls, and analyze the problem database data, which will help the company to improve its internal management process, product production process, and customer service operation process.In order to better serve customers, maintain customer loyalty and reduce customer churn.

Team Management Value of 400 Calls

The 400 phone is a display phone, but it can transfer different mobile phones and landlines at the same time.When ordering food in the food delivery industry, it may be possible to access multiple phones at the same time. Not to mention food delivery, if we use our own mobile phones, we may also receive multiple calls at the same time. For enterprises with many customers, using 400 calls for concurrent and triage can be used. better serve customers.

400 calls to avoid customer churn

In addition, there are some industries that require 400 calls, such as the water delivery industry. Most of the people come from the countryside to work in the city. However, when the farming is busy and during the holidays, many people have to go back to their hometowns, so the water delivery phone cannot be connected because of the water delivery. The phone numbers are all landline numbers, and no one sits at the desk to do telephone customer service and task allocation, so it is impossible to satisfy customers, and it is easy to cause customer loss.
Especially after moving, after employees leave, customers may not know who to look for. In an industry with stable customers, customer churn is also a steady churn.
Therefore,Handle 400 callsAble to solve big problems with small cost in some industries.

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