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Brand Marketing · 4M Marketing

4M marketing is the pre-sales process for brands to acquire consumers/customers, and online network channels (search engine, media, industry, video, search, operation), etc., are the extension and implementation methodology of Place marketing in the 4P marketing theory.

4 M: Maymurgh Brand2Client + Mouth2Mouth + Mature Process + Multi-service

From the public domain of the market, to the industry domain, to the private domain of the enterprise, it is gradually transformed and fissioned.

Word-of-mouth marketing Word-of-mouth communication Word-of-mouth influence-brand-SEO-public opinion-optimization-米国生活

Brand word of mouth marketing

word of mouth marketingIt refers to the enterprise's efforts to make consumers spread their product information and brand through the communication between their relatives and friends.From the practical analysis of corporate marketing, word-of-mouth marketing is a market where companies use various effective means to induce customers to talk and communicate about their products, services and the overall image of the company, and to encourage customers to introduce and recommend to their surrounding people. Marketing methods and processes.

  • Market analysis, competitor analysis
  • Word-of-mouth planning, advantage extraction
  • word of mouth writing
  • Baidu know, post it
  • Q&A / Knowing / Love Asking
  • Encyclopedia/News/Video
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Media Marketing - Social Marketing Social Media

media marketing social marketing

media marketingIt refers to the efforts of enterprises to make consumers spread their product information and brand through the media and self-media.From the practical analysis of corporate marketing, media marketing is a marketing method and process for companies to increase their authority and communication strength through media publicity, to spread to more precise sub-groups through self-media, and to promote brand products from the public domain and industry domain. .

  • Xinhuanet, People's Daily and other central media
  • CDC, and other well-known media
  • Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, Phoenix
  • Financial news, technology news, vertical media, etc.
  • Xiaohongshu, Jianshu, Zhihu, Bilibili
  • Baijia, Sina, Toutiao, Sohu, etc.
  • MCN (Multi-ChannelNetwork) organization
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Video marketing Video Marketing

Video Marketing Image Marketing

Video Marketing Media MarketingIt refers to the enterprise's efforts to enable consumers to spread their product information and brand communication through different forms and content communication methods in the form of videos and pictures.From the practical analysis of corporate marketing, videos and pictures can spread more two-dimensional and three-dimensional information, influence consumers more from different angles, and the combination of live broadcast and other methods can trigger the customers of the company to its products, services and the overall image of the company Multi-angle cognitive marketing methods and processes.

  • Public opinion monitoring and analysis
  • Keyword mining, keyword change monitoring
  • Competitive analysis, consumer analysis
  • Content preparation, content output
  • BOO SEO project release and optimization
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Search Marketing - SEO Marketing

search marketing search optimization marketing

search marketingIt refers to the enterprise's efforts to enable consumers to display their product information, brand, public opinion, word of mouth, and corporate image through their search, and to provide consumers with information, public opinion, and solutions.From the practical analysis of corporate marketing, search marketing is a marketing process that optimizes and displays brand information in places where consumers really need it, and influences consumers through the optimized output of search result information.

  • Enterprise Information Link Consumer Search Demand
  • Public opinion monitoring and analysis
  • Keyword mining, keyword change monitoring
  • Competitive analysis, consumer analysis
  • Content preparation, content output
  • BOO SEO project release and optimization
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BOOSEO-4P-BOO-brand volume-brand reputation-brand marketing funnel-SEO

Brand Marketing Funnel - BOO Solutions

BOO contains elements:BrandsBrand,the InternetOnline,optimizationOptimization. 4P contains elements: official website/product/Product, to promoteSale, heard/know/familiar with the brand/Place,selling price/Price.

brand funnel, explained as the process of brand development, from brand communication to brand product transaction conversion.The concept of the brand funnel refers to the sales funnel, the original experience of using the Internet to find reliable product/service providers, and the general habit of users to “shop around” in the current business environment.米国生活A summary of experience in serving customers defines this concept.

Brand optimization service BOO

One-stop implementation of brand marketing network

Sales is the spear, brand is the shield, 4M marketing helps market growth

We are your one-stop brand network marketing promotion customer acquisition technology service provider, providing brand marketing planning, website optimizationSearch Engine Optimizationand other services, we recently revised the website for a company, provided brand network packaging, and achieved rapid growth in website performance.

Let us help you make your website and brand marketing possible in the future!

The problems that brand marketing needs to face

Find the right breakthrough in the change, gradually take the lead in the change, and form your own dominant position in the competition.

lack of marketing channels

Brand marketing is very simple, but technology changes too fast, it is difficult to follow social changes and new traffic entrances.

Marketing is ineffective

The website has also been made, but there is no traffic, and the brand has also been packaged, but customers still cannot be retained when they come.

Difficulty converting customers into fans

Customers have been closed, but the customers cannot cooperate for a long time, become the ultimate fans, and sign long-term contracts year after year.

Peer malicious competition

There is not much profit in the first place, the peers are also fighting price wars to disrupt the market, and they are also issuing business cards at the door of your company to grab passengers.

Difficulty adapting to the international environment

The pressure of competition at home and abroad is increasing, the economic environment is sluggish, social liquidity is reduced, orders have shrunk, and costs have increased.

The cost of silence does not accumulate

Every day I spend money on search engines, but once it stops, there will be no more visitors, not to mention the quality, the quantity is gone.

米国生活Enhance customer brand value

After several years of hard work and research,米国生活From the perspective of marketing and branding, combining SEO technology research andProject managementThe implementation of the method is to find a way to inject the supplier's technology, management and business service capabilities into the customer's business body, increase the customer's market share in the industry segment, enhance the brand stickiness of the final consumer, and realize the enhancement of the customer's brand value.

Make the right choice for your future!

According to the customer's industry characteristics, the customer's position in the industry, and the customer's own advantages and development expectations, the marketing plan is customized; the independent complete set of solutions, the standardized operation of international talents, improve the work efficiency and effect.

米国生活It has a high reputation and evaluation in the Beijing Municipal Government, business circles, related associations, and third-party news media, adapting to changes in the market, allowing enterprises to adapt to pressure in competition and make continuous progress.米国生活Combining theory with practice, using western management methods, absorbing the power of Chinese culture, helping enterprises make their brands bigger, stronger, and buildTop 500.

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