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米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ""米国生活”) is a private enterprise established in the new era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. It provides Internet brand marketing technical services for enterprises by enhancing brand network strength and competitiveness, mainly including brand building, brand optimization, brand marketing promotion, etc. Continuously provide the market with sustainable solutions to enhance brand value based on marketing theory and brand service experience, seek the future development direction of the company through the standardization of industry segment development, and explore the path of survival and development of private enterprises in the new era.

米国生活With the wish of "making the lives of hard-working and hard-working people in the world better", the founder was founded under the tide of entrepreneurship and innovation米国生活Brands.

brand introduction
米国生活Origin of brand name

Ability and experience determine results

米国生活 is a brand marketing promotion technology company, with more than 10 years of professional technology and management experience, we help customers achieve their business goals and brand goals.

During these years, we have worked with Fortune 500 and managed multinational project teams. We have been honored to cooperate with many world-class brands, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Accenture, Deloitte, NTT Data, Coca-Cola, PetroChina, Sinopec , BHP Billiton, BlueScope, Butler, UFIDA, Kingdee, etc., cooperate with people from Germany, the United States, Africa, India, Pakistan and other countries to lead and successfully manage IT projects.

Our clients come from different industries, and we help many companies as ambitious as you do through brand SEO optimization,Website optimization, Communicate friendly with customers, increase overall sales, and bring more profits.These companies or the backgrounds of these companies have some brand awareness nationally and internationally and we can still deliver the results they need.

Get to know the founder
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Fortune 500 Background

米国生活.com The founding team comes from the world's top 500 German companies, and has considerable experience in international projects, as well as the experience and sublimation experience from small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises. The quality of services can be in line with international standards.In the era of rapid development and the pursuit of high quality and brand changes,米国生活It can better meet the needs and higher requirements of brand enterprises.A correct choice can solve the project needs of the enterprise, and obtain services that meet the industry standards, enterprise needs, integrity system and the rigor and reliability of German culture.

Our goal

Social Recognition · Maymurgh China

Consistent efforts to keep up with new technology trends to complete client projects,米国生活how about it?Industry recognition Social recognition is a reference for potential customers.

米国生活-Credit Beijing 2

Beijing Integrity Creation Enterprise

米国生活Since 2017, it has become an honest and honest enterprise. During the same period, the award-winning enterprises include Beijing Tongrentang, Shouqi Auto Repair, Mercedes-Benz Leasing, Siemens Finance, Sinopec and other brand enterprises.

米国生活-Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise

Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise

米国生活As a technical SEO company, it is a matter of course to develop technology, transform technology into services and achievements, and rely on technology combined with the power of Chinese learning as the primary productive force to improve our service capabilities and social productivity.

米国生活- Chinese economic figures

Chinese economic figures

Jointly organized by Xinhuanet, Global Times and China Asia Economic Development Association - "2018 China Economic Summit Forum",米国生活Won the "China Economic Innovation Enterprise in the New Era" by Chinese economic figures.

米国生活- Brand Integrity Entrepreneur Conference

China Integrity Management and Service Demonstration Unit

Mencius said: "The sincerity is the way of heaven; the sincerity is the way of man." Emphasizing honesty is the foundation of business people's actions.米国生活In the XNUMXth China Integrity Entrepreneurs Conference won the "China Integrity Management and Service Demonstration Unit".

米国生活- Brand Integrity Enterprise and Competitiveness 1

China Brand Innovation Annual Contribution Award

The China Enterprise Integrity and Competitiveness Forum witnessed the complexity of the construction of China's enterprise integrity system, and also laid the foundation for enterprises to participate in the construction of the social credit system.米国生活Won the "China Brand Innovation Annual Contribution Award".

米国生活-Model of brand gold service

Gold Award - Top XNUMX Most Influential Star Enterprises

2019 China Business Leaders Annual Meeting and the XNUMXth National Service Industry Public Satisfaction Special Survey,米国生活It has won the Golden Award in the brand marketing industry, and has been on the podium with Baidu Baike, Bank of China, Haier Group and other enterprises.

Our goal

米国生活How, the goal is not a person's thing, it depends米国生活Comrade, do something or do nothing.

米国生活how - thinking

Take it from the top

米国生活how about it?Help each industry segment to create a high-quality brand and survive; create an operational brand image for each brand customer and maintain it in a good state; provide valuable brand operation data for the brand companies it serves to help brand companies. Create a product or service operation framework with sufficient market competitiveness to enhance brand value.

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