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Mi Jianhui

Mi Jianhui, male, Han nationality, born in October 1983 in Baoding, Hebei Province, started work in September 10, and graduated from Harbin University of Commerce majoring in computer science.
米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as ""米国生活”) founder, entrepreneurs under the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era, engaged inBrand MarketingTechnical service and management work.Deputy Director of Industry Development Institute of China Academy of Management Sciences. 
Chinese name Mi Jianhui 出生 日期 April 1983
Citizenship Chugoku graduated school Harbin Commercial University
People Han nationality time of participation in work April 2006
Hometown Hebei Baoding Degree Bachelor
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  1. Character resume
  2. Honors
  3. Character perspective

Character resume

2006-2008, Jiamusi Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., ERP administrator;

2008-2010, BlueScope (Shanghai) Investment Management Co., Ltd., project analyst;

(In 2010, studied PMBOK and passed the PMP project manager certification exam of PMI institution)

2011-2013, project manager of environmental, petrochemical, food production lines and other projects;

(2011-2012, learning Wall Street English and Harvard Business Management Online Course)

2013-2016, BMW (China) Trading Co., Ltd., IT project manager;

2016-present,米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd., general manager.

(In 2019, he was hired as a senior researcher at the Institute of Enterprise Management Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Management; in 2020, he learned to study CPA in the field of economics and finance; in 2020, he was hired as a think tank expert of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Management; in 2021, he was hired as a deputy of the Industry Development Institute of the Chinese Academy of Management. Director; in 2021, studying for a doctorate in business administration from the School of Business of China Central Management Institute)


At the end of December 2018, he participated in the 12 China Economic Summit Forum and the 2018th Annual Meeting of China's Outstanding Economic Figures, and was awarded "China's Outstanding Economic Figures in the New Era";


In October 2020, he was awarded "China's New Economy (Brand Marketing) Industry Leader" in the online evaluation of China's new economy brand leaders;

In December 2020, he participated in the 12th Annual Conference of China Academy of Management Sciences, and the paper "Brand Internet Marketing Promotion and Optimization to Enhance Brand Value" was awarded the first prize of excellent paper;

In January 2021, the editor found that the magazine will always follow the party and move towards a new glory. 1 people in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party;

Character perspective

A gentleman loves money and takes it in a proper way; money comes to the people, and should be used for the people.

Those who seek the longevity of wood must consolidate its roots; those who wish to flow far, must ditch its springs.

Words must be believed, actions must be carried out, and actions must be fruitful.

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