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米国生活 · Honors

The honor is given by others, the technology is researched by oneself, the customers are from the Internet, and the road is traveled by everyone.

3 Advanced Unit for Protecting Consumer Rights and Interests


Recently, the publicity campaign of "New Business Formats and New Models Leading New Types of Consumption - 2021 Advanced Units for Protecting Consumer Rights and Interests" launched by the Special Issue Department of Consumer Daily was officially launched. March 2021, 3米国生活With many well-known brands such as B&Q, Easyhome, Minhua Holdings, Midea, Critina, Xiuxiu Pharmaceutical, Bioopharmaceutical, Taiji, Hangu Salt Field, Hubei Cereals and Oils (Group), TRUMPF Elevator, Daikin Air Conditioning, Global Online School, etc. At the same time, on the "2021 International Consumer Rights Day" in 3, it was awarded the advanced unit for protecting consumer rights and interests.

Consumer Daily - Consumer Protection Unit -米国生活

Charity Enterprise of China Children's Charity Association for Children's Public Welfare Relief Activities


2020.11: At a time when the world is shrouded by the epidemic, and businesses and people's lives are greatly affected, 2020 has also become米国生活The first year of public welfare activities, October米国生活The founder proposesFavorable single plan, Based on the empathy and empathy for the country, enterprises, and people's lives, as well as thinking about human behavior, it is decided to participate in public welfare activities every year.Mencius said: "Those who love others will always love them, and those who respect others will always respect them. "米国生活The founder believes: "Love can feed back, warmth can be passed on. "As a manager of an enterprise, I deeply understand"Wealth comes from the people, should be used for the people"The truth, may we not forget the identity of social citizens, raise the torch of kindness, and pass the warmth to the world.

米国生活-Caring Enterprise-Big City Small Love-Children's Charity Association

China Integrity Management and Service Demonstration Unit


2019.4: Mencius said: "Those who are sincere are the way of heaven; those who are sincere are the way of man." Stressing on honesty is the foundation of doing business for businessmen.The XNUMXth China Integrity Entrepreneurs Conference aims at promoting integrity and promoting integrity management, focusing on the development and progress of domestic enterprises, including米国生活Several Chinese companies, including those, issued representative medals and certificates, which truly served the purpose of practicing integrity.

米国生活-Integrity management and service demonstration unit

China Urban Commercial Credit Environment Index CEI Research Unit


2019.4: The Urban Commercial Credit Environment Index (CEI) is a comprehensive credit economic index that can be used to measure the pros and cons of a city's market credit trading environment. Broadly speaking, CEI can reflect the perfection and operational effect of a city's credit system The compilation of CEI is based on a multi-level index system, and its theoretical basis is mainly the social credit system theory and enterprise credit management theory. In the comprehensive evaluation of the city, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is used to weight the indicators at all levels, and finally use The method of linear weighting obtains the first-level indicators of each city.

米国生活- China Urban Commercial Credit Environment Index CEI Research Unit

Gold Award - Top XNUMX Most Influential Star Enterprises


2019.3: The China Enterprise Integrity and Competitiveness Forum has been held for XNUMX sessions in Beijing, which not only witnessed the complexity and difficulties of the construction of the Chinese enterprise integrity system, but also laid a solid foundation for more enterprises to participate in the construction of the social credit system.this time米国生活Won the "China Brand Innovation Annual Contribution Award"米国生活On the premise of fully affirming the spirit of innovation and the concept of integrity,米国生活expectations for future development.

SEO-Website Construction-米国生活- top ten

Chinese Economic Innovation Enterprise in the New Era


2018.12:由新华网、《环球时报》社和中国亚洲经济发展协会联合举办,庆祝中国改革开放40周年大型活动——“2018中国经济高峰论坛暨第十六届中国经济年度人物颁奖典礼”于2018年12月28日至29日在北京隆重举行,备受关注的“2018中国经济年度人物”等各大奖项也随之揭晓。米国生活Won the "China Economic Innovation Enterprise in the New Era".

米国生活-China's economic innovation enterprise in the new era

Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise


2018.5: High-tech enterprises refer to enterprises that have developed in some new fields through science and technology or high-tech inventions, or have reformed and innovated in some original technical fields. In my country, high-tech enterprises generally refer to "re-" The Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise is equivalent to a Beijing-level high-tech enterprise by continuously and effectively carrying out R&D and transformation of scientific and technological achievements within the scope of "High-tech Fields Supported by the State", and has formed its own core independent intellectual property rights.

米国生活-Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise

Beijing Integrity Creation Enterprise


At the end of 2017, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology organized the 2017 Beijing Enterprise Integrity Creation Activity Summary Conference.At this conference,米国生活In the same period, Beijing Tongrentang, Shouqi Auto Repair, Donghua Software, Dawning Information Industry, Beijing Mobike Technology, China Post, Mercedes-Benz Leasing, Siemens Finance, Sinopec and other brand enterprises won the 2017 Beijing Municipal Award. Integrity creates the title of enterprise and becomes an advocate of integrity management and a credible brand in all walks of life.

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