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Brand reputation index evaluates five-star enterprises

Recently, it was reviewed by a professional evaluation agency, with the help of authoritative, accurate and objective big data collection methods and brand reputation management system,米国生活With professional ability, high-quality service, differentiated products and praise from many customers, the brand has passed the evaluation standard of e-commerce commodity word-of-mouth index (GB/T 34051-2017), the general rules of customer satisfaction evaluation (GB/T 19039-2009), Brand Value Evaluation Independent Innovation Enterprise (GB/T 36679-2018), Enterprise Credit Evaluation Index (GB/T 23794-2015), Enterprise Integrity Management System (…

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Maymurgh was hired as a member unit of Beijing People's Promotion Association

Recently, it was approved by the Standing Council of Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as "People's Promotion Association").米国生活Appointed as a member unit of Beijing People's Promotion Association for one year, from April 2021, 4 to April 25, 2022.Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association is a national first-level social organization legally registered with the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. It is the only comprehensive organization that promotes the development of private economic formats.

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Maymrugh was awarded the Advanced Unit for Protecting Consumer Rights and Interests on March 3

Recently, the "New Business Format, New Model Leading New Type of Consumption - 2021 Advanced Unit for Protecting Consumer Rights and Interests" launched by the Special Issue Department of Consumer Daily was officially launched. March 2021, 3米国生活With many well-known brands such as B&Q, Easyhome, Minhua Holdings, Midea, Critina, Xiuxiu Pharmaceutical, Bioopharmaceutical, Taiji, Hangu Salt Field, Hubei Cereals and Oils (Group), TRUMPF Elevator, Daikin Air Conditioning, Global Online School, etc. At the same time, on the "2021 International Consumer Rights Day" in 3, it was awarded the advanced unit for protecting consumer rights and interests.The campaign is on this year's International Consumer Rights Day...

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The founder was selected as one of the 100 People in the 100 Years of the Founding of Discovery Magazine

Discover Magazine 2021 Supplement ISSN1004-5023 Recently,米国生活The founder Mi Jianhui is honored to be selected as one of the 100 people in the 100 years of the founding of Discovery Magazine together with many outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of the Times, including but not limited to Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Zhang Boli, Haier CEO Zhang Ruimin, Zong Qinghou, founder of Wahaha Group, Lei Jun, a famous angel investor, Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, Liu Yonghao, chairman of New Hope Group, Chen Dongsheng, founder of Taikang Insurance Group, etc., hereby, to all enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the country and society home and…

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Charity Enterprise of China Children's Charity Association for Children's Public Welfare Relief Activities

The China Children's Charity Relief Foundation was established in Beijing on January 2010, 1.The China Children's Charity Relief Foundation is a national public fundraising foundation with folk flavor in my country.The foundation was co-founded by Wei Jiuming and Li Qimin, Yuan Zhengguang and others who had worked together on youth work, and was supported by Shanghai entrepreneur Mr. Yuan Xiang, who donated 12 million to the original fund.米国生活At the end of 2020, through the China Children's Charity Association's youth charity relief activities, it contributed a small amount of power and won the honorary title of caring enterprise.Lao Tzu said in the Tao Te Ching: "The highest good is like water. Water is good for all things without fighting, and treats everyone...

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Maymurgh won the China Brand Innovation Annual Contribution Award

On July 2019, 7, by China Business Magazine, China Business News, "Economy" magazine, China Circulation Industry Management Policy Research Association Credit Management Special Committee, China Academy of Management Science Business Model Research Institute, "Craftsmanship" column The "28th Credit China Annual Ceremony and 2019 China Enterprise Integrity and Competitiveness Forum" jointly sponsored by the group and other media organizations was successfully held in a meeting,米国生活Together with Zhongke Online, Phoenix Hi-Tech Group, Rendehe Group, Yifeibei International, Huaxia Barter, Huaishantang Group, Bozhitang Pharmaceutical, Jinsha Technology Beauty, Doosan Construction Machinery and many other high-quality enterprises...

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Awarded "China's Economic Innovation Enterprise in the New Era"

由新华网、《环球时报》社和中国亚洲经济发展协会联合举办,庆祝中国改革开放40周年大型活动——“2018中国经济高峰论坛暨第十六届中国经济年度人物颁奖典礼”于2018年12月28日至29日在北京隆重举行,备受关注的“2018中国经济年度人物”等各大奖项也随之揭晓。米国生活(Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded "China's Economic Innovation Enterprise in the New Era".The China Economic Summit Forum aims to "focus on economic development and comment on news personalities", excavating and commenting every year...

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Maymurgh won the title of Beijing Integrity Creation Enterprise

At the end of 2017, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology organized the 2017 Beijing Enterprise Integrity Creation Activity Summary Conference.At this conference,米国生活In the same period, Beijing Tongrentang, Shouqi Auto Repair, Donghua Software, Dawning Information Industry, Beijing Mobike Technology, China Post, Mercedes-Benz Leasing, Siemens Finance, Sinopec and other brand enterprises, won the 2017 Beijing Integrity creates the title of enterprise and becomes an advocate of integrity management and a credible brand in all walks of life.The ancients said: "Those who seek the longevity of wood must consolidate its roots; those who wish to flow far, must dredging its springs."For a market economy…

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Awarded as one of the top ten star companies with influence in the brand marketing industry

In March 2019, the 3 China Business Leaders Annual Meeting and the 2019th National Service Industry Public Satisfaction Special Survey Press Release Ceremony was grandly held in a meeting,米国生活Won the Golden Award, Top XNUMX Most Influential Star Enterprises in the Industry, and entered the podium together with Baidu Encyclopedia, Ping An Bank, Bank of China, Haier Group, SF Express, Sany Group and other enterprises, and became this grand event. the big winner.It is reported that the event was led by China Business News, China Business Magazine, "China Information Industry" magazine, Business Model Research Institute of China Academy of Management Sciences, "Credit China" column group...

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