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Maymurgh won the title of Beijing Integrity Creation Enterprise

At the end of 2017, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology organized the 2017 Beijing Enterprise Integrity Creation Activity Summary Conference.At this conference,米国生活In the same period, Beijing Tongrentang, Shouqi Auto Repair, Donghua Software, Dawning Information Industry, Beijing Mobike Technology, China Post, Mercedes-Benz Leasing, Siemens Finance, Sinopec and other brand enterprises, won the 2017 Beijing Integrity creates the title of enterprise and becomes an advocate of integrity management and a credible brand in all walks of life.
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The ancients said: "Those who seek the longevity of wood must consolidate its roots; those who wish to flow far, must dredge its springs."For company operators in a market economy, honest management is the foundation of a business, the way to start a business, an important factor in the construction of a social integrity system, and a prerequisite for Chinese enterprises to go abroad and participate in global competition.It is reported that a total of more than 400 people in charge of the chambers of commerce of the founding associations, representatives of founding enterprises and representatives of credit service agencies attended the meeting.The meeting summarized the work of Beijing's corporate integrity creation activities in 2017, deployed the work tasks in 2018, issued the "Beijing Integrity Enterprise Creation Activities Management Measures", and provided information to include米国生活Including 506 "Beijing Integrity Creation Enterprises in 2017" issued medal certificates.
米国生活Mainly engaged in brand Internet marketing technical services, including Internet brand infrastructure, brand optimization, event planning and promotion, brand public relations and network operation services, as well as technical service products such as small programs and AI telemarketing robots.exist米国生活According to the founder Mi Jianhui, to be a company should be as genuine as Tongrentang's products. "Even though it is troublesome to manufacture, you will not dare to save labor, and although the taste is expensive, you will not dare to reduce material resources." According to the reporter, Mr. Mi once worked in the World Five Top XNUMX multinational companies, as senior IT project manager.In the process of self-development, Mr. Mi is deeply influenced by the excellent traditional Chinese culture and German corporate culture. He believes that efficient corporate behavior should be "accurate in words, deeds in deeds, and results in deeds", and regards integrity as the lifeline of an enterprise , spare no effort to fulfill the mission and responsibility to achieve the goal.Whether it is in the implementation of daily work or in the handling of major issues,米国生活They all take honesty as the standard of standing and act, and require the employees of the company to continuously grow themselves according to international standards, challenge various difficulties, and always take it as their responsibility to deliver customer satisfaction services.
There are still some chaos and problems in the Internet field. Some entrepreneurs or employees ignore integrity and only pursue immediate interests and product selling points in the situation, commonly known as routines.Some people make promises flying all over the sky when negotiating business, but few of them are fulfilled, and the real needs of customers have not been solved. In the long run, it will bring huge obstacles to the development of the Internet service industry and affect the speed of economic development.In the process of starting a business, Mr. Mi discovered the problems of the industry and the predicament of fighting price wars, realized the importance of honesty and accurate communication, and asked sales and service personnel to start from themselves, to practice, and not to make exaggerated promises to customers. , should communicate frankly with customers and find the root of the problem, through excellent project management, gradually decompose and realize customer needs, and create all methods to ensure the fulfillment of commitments and the quality of customer satisfaction.In the book "Tongrentang - National Treasure", there are descriptions and records of Tongrentang's "three things and one", which aims to show that it does not exaggerate, but uses actions to satisfy customers and even get surprises, which reminds us of a three hundred Years of brand wisdom.
After recent years of development,米国生活It has established a good image of strong quality, integrity, strong brand, self-discipline, strong development, and responsibility in the Internet industry, and strives to practice the development concept of "no fear of vicissitudes to choose the right path". "God knows" self-discipline, and "Chinese and Western" enterprise management system.present with米国生活Customers who carry out in-depth cooperation are distributed in different fields such as catering, daily chemicals, direct sales, education and training, government, manufacturing, etc.米国生活Our strategic partners have been cooperating for a long time, but customer representatives never dare to exaggerate when facing customers, but they say one thing and carefully analyze the current situation and the advantages and disadvantages of Internet development for customers.It is under the inspiration of such a sincere attitude, and米国生活Continuous research and development of innovative new service items to fill the market gap and meet the unique needs of customers, many brand customers have formed user viscosity, become米国生活loyal collaborator.Arguably, if every business is like米国生活As expected, it is just around the corner to keep promises and build a trustworthy society.
米国生活As the 2017 Beijing Integrity Creation Enterprise, we call on all small and medium-sized brand companies and Internet companies to keep in mind the identity of "social citizens", adhere to fulfilling social responsibilities, and through self-discipline and self-improvement, make products and services so that users can be assured and satisfied, and The brand is well-known and sustainable.米国生活We are willing to join hands with you, under the vigorous advocacy of the leaders of higher-level organizations, to make wholehearted contributions to Chinese brands and an honest society, and to bear the historical responsibility.
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