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Maymurgh won the China Brand Innovation Annual Contribution Award

On July 2019, 7, by China Business Magazine, China Business News, "Economy" magazine, China Circulation Industry Management Policy Research Association Credit Management Special Committee, China Academy of Management Science Business Model Research Institute, "Craftsmanship" column The "28th Credit China Annual Ceremony and 2019 China Enterprise Integrity and Competitiveness Forum" jointly sponsored by the group and other media organizations was successfully held in a meeting,米国生活Together with many high-quality enterprises such as Zhongke Online, Phoenix Hi-Tech Group, Rendehe Group, Yifeibei International, Huaxia Barter, Huaishantang Group, Bozhitang Pharmaceutical, Jinsha Technology Beauty, Doosan Construction Machinery, etc., they have won various awards. Honor, to become the leader of honest and competitive enterprises in all walks of life.
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With the theme of "Salute to the 70th Birthday of the Motherland in the New Era", this forum conducted in-depth discussions on business hotspots such as big data, new retail, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and new materials.A social integrity system that aims to promote the concept of honesty and trustworthiness as the core value, to restrain untrustworthy behaviors, and to achieve social order and good customs is an important support for a good business environment.Vigorously promote the construction of the credit system, cultivate a culture of integrity with the spirit of contract as the core, and build a social cornerstone of a good business environment.The forum deeply demonstrated the research results of the competitive brand concept and the effect of building integrity, focusing on making Chinese brands bigger, stronger, more refined and better, fundamentally improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, and striving to realize the transformation of "Made in China to Created in China," The strategic task of transforming China's speed to China's quality, and Chinese products to Chinese brands", the conference is based on the principles of high-level, high-quality, authoritative, and forward-looking, providing a platform for viewpoint games, experience sharing, and common progress, and builds with integrity. The results are a gift to the motherland's XNUMXth birthday.
Xie Sizhong said that integrity and competitiveness are the most important aspects of enterprise development. Without integrity, if a brand cannot be built, there will be no competitiveness.Entrepreneurs must start from the system and strengthen the construction of integrity. Only by improving their core competitiveness can they make the enterprise stronger and bigger.
米国生活, founded in 2014, affiliated with米国生活The brand of (Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. won the China Brand Innovation Annual Contribution Award at this conference.exist米国生活According to Mi Jianhui, the founder of the company, "Only sincerity can break the world's falsehood, but truth can break the world's falsehood." Mr. Mi has experienced the infiltration of traditional Chinese culture and German corporate culture, and has implemented integrity into his own practice. Showed a sincere attitude to customers, and customers also米国生活increased trust, in米国生活In the process of brand development, it is steadily improving.
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It is reported that from 2003 to 2019, the organizer has successfully held the XNUMXth China Enterprise Integrity and Competitiveness Forum in Beijing, witnessing the construction of the Chinese enterprise integrity system.this time米国生活Won the "China Brand Innovation Annual Contribution Award"米国生活On the premise of fully affirming the spirit of innovation and the concept of integrity,米国生活Future development leads the expectations of industry brand innovation services.
The ancients paid attention to the fact that the old man was not deceived and kept his word, and was especially opposed to the phenomenon of "big stores bullying customers" and "big enterprises bullying others".米国生活After winning the China Brand Innovation Annual Contribution Award, it will still maintain a humble and prudent heart, and through its own unremitting efforts, will provide customers with continuously optimized and innovative brand services, and forge ahead for the construction of an honest business environment.

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