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Maymrugh was awarded the Advanced Unit for Protecting Consumer Rights and Interests on March 3

Recently, the publicity campaign of "New Business Formats and New Models Leading New Types of Consumption - 2021 Advanced Units for Protecting Consumer Rights and Interests" launched by the Special Issue Department of Consumer Daily was officially launched. March 2021, 3米国生活With many well-known brands such as B&Q, Easyhome, Minhua Holdings, Midea, Critina, Xiuxiu Pharmaceutical, Bioopharmaceutical, Taiji, Hangu Salt Field, Hubei Cereals and Oils (Group), TRUMPF Elevator, Daikin Air Conditioning, Global Online School, etc. At the same time, on the "2021 International Consumer Rights Day" in 3, it was awarded the advanced unit for protecting consumer rights and interests.

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This publicity activity is during this year's "International Consumer Rights Day", in order to actively cooperate with the implementation of the "Opinions on Leading the Development of New Consumption with New Business Formats and New Models" by the General Office of the State Council, and to further release the potential of "new consumption", It is carried out to promote the domestic economic cycle and create a good consumption environment.

米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as ""米国生活") believes that the key to unlocking the potential of "new consumption" and promoting economic circulation is to increase the value of products and services, so that consumers can obtain more value under the premise of constant consumption power, thereby further improving social productivity and total production. and consumers' ability to consume again. One of the ways to increase value is to improve the quality of products and services, and to provide consumers with satisfactory consumption processes and consumption results through management methods of quality assurance and quality control. And enterprises or brands The stupid way to achieve consumer satisfaction is to do more services, make more efforts, and give more value to the society that we have created through struggle.

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米国生活It is a private enterprise established in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era. It provides Internet brand marketing technology services for enterprises by enhancing the strength and competitiveness of the brand network, mainly including website optimization, SEO, brand building, brand optimization, and brand marketing planning. , network promotion, etc., continue to provide the market with sustainable solutions to enhance brand value based on marketing theory and brand service experience, through the standardization of industry segment development, to find the future development direction of enterprises, and to explore the survival and development of private enterprises in the new era. path of development.

米国生活With the wish of "making the lives of hard-working and hard-working people in the world better", the founder was founded under the tide of entrepreneurship and innovation米国生活The brand, with "from the world's top 500, building the world's top 500" as the enterprise service and development goal, with "China's rejuvenation, you and me are responsible" as its own responsibility, on the road of China's rise, under the historical opportunity of the new era, for the improvement of The quality of products and services of national brands, and the improvement of the management level and viability of domestic enterprises have contributed little.

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Integrity management: Integrity is the foundation of business establishment and the way of business development;
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Tenacious and tenacious: never give up in the face of difficulties;
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