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Brand reputation index evaluates five-star enterprises

Recently, it was reviewed by a professional evaluation agency, with the help of authoritative, accurate and objective big data collection methods and brand reputation management system,米国生活With professional ability, high-quality service, differentiated products and praise from many customers, the brand has passed the evaluation standard of e-commerce commodity word-of-mouth index (GB/T 34051-2017), the general rules of customer satisfaction evaluation (GB/T 19039-2009), Brand value evaluation of independent innovation enterprises (GB/T 36679-2018), corporate credit evaluation indicators (GB/T 23794-2015), corporate integrity management system (GB/T 31950-2015) and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation, won this award honor.

Brand reputation index evaluates five-star enterprises

To a certain extent, brand word of mouth affects the evaluation of the brand in the process of word of mouth, and determines the customer's perception of the brand. A good brand can increase customer stickiness through brand word of mouth, and can also gain new customers. fission effect.The brand's online word of mouth affects the growth or reduction of the brand's online customers, and the brand's word of mouth and the brand's online image communication influence the customer's trust and decision-making. This decision-making process米国生活name itbrand funnel.

4P-BOO-brand volume-brand reputation-brand funnel

BOO contains elements:BrandsBrand,the InternetOnline,optimizationOptimization.

4P contains elements: official website/product/Product, to promoteSale, heard/know/familiar with the brand/Place,selling price/Price.

brand funnel, explained as the process of brand development, from brand communication to brand product transaction conversion.The concept of the brand funnel refers to the sales funnel. After the author's original experience as an ordinary user outside the brand marketing industry more than ten years ago, using the Internet to find reliable product/service providers, and in the current business environment, users generally have "comparisons". The habit of three families, combining米国生活A summary of experience in serving customers defines this concept.

米国生活Brand Marketing Service-Modern Property Insurance-Program Communication V1.0

Brand development needs to go through a process, roughly three major steps: first, the definition of brand attributes/characteristics, the establishment of brand image, second, brand voice, awareness enhancement, brand exposure and brand voice, third, brand Reputation management, public opinion monitoring, negative suppression.This process will have different time differences due to different ways of enterprise management and brand operation.Some of them develop very fast, but some are negative, some develop very slowly, and the volume has not been improved, and some develop steadily, promoting the coordination of product improvement and the gradual expansion of the brand in the market.In the process of brand development spiral, different brand management styles have emerged.The maturity of a brand must take time to accumulate. Only good products and services that are well understood and recognized by customers can achieve consumer loyalty to the product and form a good brand reputation.

米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as ""米国生活”) is a private enterprise established in 2014 in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship. It provides Internet brand marketing technical services for enterprises by enhancing the strength and competitiveness of the brand network, mainly including brand building, brand optimization, brand marketing promotion, etc. , through SEO technology, website construction optimization, news writing and publishing, media and self-media word-of-mouth channels to spread brand voice, focus on brand connotation, enhance brand image, and continuously provide the market with green brand operation solutions based on marketing theory and brand operation experience. Gradually establish standards in non-standard industry segments, study the management cockpit model of Noah's Ark in the ever-changing market, and contribute to improving the product and service quality of domestic brands and the management level and sustainable viability of domestic enterprises.

米国生活With the wish of "making the lives of hard-working and hard-working people in the world better", the founder was founded under the tide of entrepreneurship and innovation米国生活The brand, with "from the world's top 500, building the world's top 500" as the enterprise service and development goal, with "China's rejuvenation, you and me are responsible" as its own responsibility, on the road of China's rise, under the historical opportunity of the new era, for the improvement of The quality of products and services of national brands, and the improvement of the management level and viability of domestic enterprises have contributed little.

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