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reCaptcha-Google Captcha fails to show solution

reCaptcha is a method of Google man-machine verification, a protection method made to avoid robot attacks on websites, including email marketing, browsing, downloading and other behaviors that damage websites by machines.However, many foreign websites use reCaptcha. For those who access the resources of reGaptcha functional sites, the lack of them in China is often a hassle, and the use of excellent foreign resources is hindered.In order to solve this problem, this article provides a solution, and the test is not bad.

Chrome browser plugin Header Editor

Header Editor is not only suitable for Chrome, but also for FireFox. Because of habit, this program uses Chrome as the program introduction.

Principle: Plug-ins and domestic mirrors

The plugin jumps the reCaptcha call ( to the reCaptcha domestic mirror ( domestic mirror is Google's official mirror, so you can access Google's human-machine verification.

This solution needs to modify the Content-Security-Policy (Content-Security-Policy) setting of the page, so that the reCaptcha of the page with Content-Security-Policy can be loaded normally.Different from: xmdhs Solution

Plugin download

The plug-in can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If it is difficult to download like me, you can use the download file package provided by azurezeng or use the Firefox version; according to your own situation, you only need to download one of the following download links.

Google App Store download (the domestic network cannot be opened)

Chrome version download provided by azurezeng (available in China)

Firefox download address (available in China)

HeaderEditor this case test offline package download

Json configuration file download

After downloading and installing HeaderEditor, you still need to configure it. Using the configuration file written by azurezeng, you can complete the configuration more quickly.There are two ways to import the configuration file:

  • Download the offline package directly:Github offline package , or, the offline package tested on this site (from the Github offline package, used after decompression):HE-GoogleRedirect
  • Import using URL download rules (GitHub,recommend)

Plug-in installation and configuration steps

Plug-in installation steps

Like other plugins, the files need to be decompressed and then uploaded to the extension application. There are two types according to the plugins: XNUMX. Folder-type plugins (you need to select a folder directory); XNUMX. Suffix .crx file-type plugins (need to drag and drop Drag in:This case method

Chrome Browser… >> More Tools >> Extensions (Add-ons) >> Drag and drop the Hearder Editor.crx file to the extension page.

Header Editor plugin installation

This case has already been installed, so "Copy" is displayed, drag it in to see the effect and result.

Confirm installation of Header Editor-reCaptcha

Configure Json file

After the installation of Header Editor.crx is not completed, it is necessary to configure and import the Json file or URL import.

Header Editor Configuration - Import

The import process does not need to be grouped, because you don't need to do anything else with this, the default is fine.If it is added for the first time, select Add, and if it is added for the second time or more, select Overwrite.

After the Header Editor Json import is complete

Test success

Then go to the website you need to visit that has Google's human-machine recognition function, and it may be a lot smoother.

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