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What are the internal meanings of China Brand Day?

The State Council encourages television stations, radio stations at all levels, as well as print, internet and other media to publicize the public welfare of their own brands in important time periods and important layouts, tell the stories of Chinese brands, publicize and develop themChina Brand DaySignificant.

Background of China Brand Day

Brand is the common pursuit of producers and consumers, the direction of supply-side and demand-side upgrading, and an important manifestation of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and even the country.Strengthening brand building is conducive to promoting the transformation of an economic power into an economic power, meeting people's higher-level material and cultural needs, promoting Chinese culture and enhancing China's image.To develop the brand economy is to comprehensively improve the quality, innovation, integrity, culture, talent, marketing and environment that affect brand development under the guidance of new development concepts, promote industrial restructuring, promote economic transformation and upgrading, and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The Chinese Dream has laid a more solid foundation.

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The establishment process of China Brand Day

On May 2014, 5, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed to "promote the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and Chinese products to Chinese brands"; Premier Li Keqiang repeatedly emphasized in the government work report to build well-known Chinese independent brands. .

On June 2016, 6, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Playing the Leading Role of Brands to Promote the Upgrade of the Supply and Demand Structure".The proposal to establish a "China Brand Day" is the most exciting, and this is the first time the State Council has officially proposed it at the national level.At the same time, the "Opinions" emphasized that well-known independent brands should be vigorously promoted, the stories of Chinese brands should be told well, and the influence and awareness of independent brands should be improved.Encourage TV stations, radio stations at all levels, as well as media such as print and network to arrange public welfare publicity for their own brands in important time periods and on important pages.

On April 2017, 4, the State Council issued the "State Council on Approving the Establishment"China Brand Day"Approval", agreed to set May 2017 every year as "China Brand Day" starting from 5.

Understanding of China Brand Day

Brands(Brand) is an identification mark, a spiritual symbol, a value concept, and the core embodiment of excellent quality.Brand is the expression of culture, brand is the highlight of value, brand is our inner desire, brand marketing is to transmit value and share beauty. ——米国生活

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"brand"BeThe existence of a consciousness is the inheritance and innovation of culture, the desire for beauty in the founder's heart, the medium of information exchange in human society, and the embodiment of perseverance in belief..

China Brand Day is a resounding clarion call for the country to build a Chinese national brand. Through Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese brand groups, we will build our own brands, provide people with better products and more valuable services, provide people with a sense of gain and promote domestic It is an important support for the big cycle and the domestic and foreign dual-cycle strategy.

Brand connotation

The most lasting meaning and essence of a brand is its value, culture and personality; a brand is a commercial term, and after a brand is registered, a trademark is formed, and an enterprise obtains legal protection and has its exclusive right; a brand is the result of long-term efforts of an enterprise to operate, and it is the Intangible carrier.In order to deeply reveal the meaning of the brand, it is also necessary to look at the following six aspects.

  1. Attributes: Brands represent a specificproduct attributes, which is the most basic meaning of the brand.
  2. Benefits: A brand not only represents a set of attributes, but also embodiesa particular interest.
  3. Value: The brand embodies something of the producersense of value.
  4. Culture: The brand is also attached to a specificculture.
  5. Personality: The brand also reflects a certainpersonality.
  6. User: The brand implies the purchase or use of the productconsumer type.

Based on the above six levels of brand meaning, marketing companies must decide the depth level of brand characteristics.

Brand misunderstanding

All walks of life are talking about brands. Enterprises hope to build their own brands and make them well. The country has also given a lot of support in terms of policies, and the media is also spreading various brand concepts.However, there are many examples of dislocation of commitment and fulfillment of big brands in all walks of life in the market. There are many misunderstandings in the current brand concept of enterprises:

  • Many business operators and marketers don't have a clear understanding of brands, and they are superficial and superficial.
  • It is believed that the building and building of the brand is only the creativity of the brand value and communication language, and only the promotion of the promotion activities. As a result, the behavior of brand building is ambiguous and random, and the result of the brand is naturally unsatisfactory.
  • Enterprises have not established a mechanism for evaluating brand promise and performance.
  • The content promised by the company is inconsistent with the content of the performance, which leads to the deviation and dislocation in the process of brand building and building.

National Brand Challenges and Opportunities

On March 2021, 3, Beijing time, the smearing of Xinjiang cotton by many international clothing brands still did not calm the anger of consumers.People's Daily spoke out, naming Burberry, Adidas, Nike, New Balance and other brands to insult China.Gao Feng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, also responded to reporters' questions today about H&M and other foreign clothing brands because of the Xinjiang cotton issue.Gao Feng said: "The so-called "forced labor" in China's Xinjiang region is completely false, and the pure white Xinjiang cotton cannot be smeared or smeared by any force. We oppose any external force's interference in Xinjiang affairs and China's internal affairs, and we oppose the use of false information based on lies and false information. Sanctions are imposed on relevant Chinese entities and individuals on the grounds of the so-called human rights issue in Xinjiang.”

The big guy behind this smear and boycott of Xinjiang cotton is actually BCI, whose full name is The Better Cotton Initiative (Swiss Better Cotton Development Association), a non-governmental organization established in Switzerland in 2009 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Representative offices in China, India, Pakistan and London.Members mainly include cotton planting units, cotton textile enterprises and retail brands.

Surplus value of capital -米国生活

We produce this raw material, we process the product as the world's factory, but we also have to buy it from others and give the surplus value of capital to foreign brands.Why?Because we don't have our own brand.Why don't we have our own brand?First, we lost ourselves in the process of admiring foreign countries. We love international brands and big brands. We love coming and going, but it is not our own raw materials or our own processing?We are caught in the smoke bomb of Western capitalism, we are checked and restrained.How to do?To create our own national brand, we have raw materials and factories, we only need a brand, the thinking of brand operation, the quality of brand services, don't compare prices, domestic products compare prices, international products compare quality, and the past The money is made abroad.

Domestic brand development opportunities

The development of domestic brands is facing a century of changes, or even hundreds of years. We have opportunities in the world, the country needs to be rejuvenated, the domestic economy needs to change, and international pressures require us to improve our competitiveness. All these allow us to develop a brand. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.With the help of the state and the support of the domestic people, building a domestic national brand has become aTop 500, is something we can see.

China Brand Day-Brand Optimization-米国生活


米国生活It is a private enterprise established in the tide of innovation and entrepreneurship in the new era. It provides Internet brand marketing technology services for enterprises by enhancing the strength and competitiveness of the brand network, mainly including website optimization, SEO, brand building, brand optimization, and brand marketing planning. , network promotion, etc., continue to provide the market with sustainable solutions to enhance brand value based on marketing theory and brand service experience, through the standardization of industry segment development, to find the future development direction of enterprises, and to explore the survival and development of private enterprises in the new era. path of development.

The relationship between enterprise, brand, corporate culture and brand culture

Enterprises and brands, as well as corporate culture and brand culture are all related. They are all product-centered, and through the production and sales of enterprise products, they form a consistent ideology, pursuit, code of conduct and and influence each other.

米国生活Brand, enterprise, product, corporate culture, brand culture-米国生活Market supply and demand relationship-PPT

米国生活Understanding of the essence of the brand

The essence of a brand is the existence of consciousness. It is a brand that integrates its consciousness into people's production and life activities, which is reflected in the process of product development and production, and delivered to consumers, and reaches a consensus with consumers to find what they like. People, let the people you like like, and in the process make this brand awareness bigger and stronger, and the awareness that can exist for a long time must be based on "goodness and beauty".

Brand Essence and Consumer Awareness - 米国生活

The brand of capital is the product of the capitalist market economy, with the ultimate goal of extracting the surplus value of capital, and the role of consciousness is to make full use of the laws of the market (especially monopoly) and the ever-expanding human nature with greed and hypocrisy. Demand is the main way and means of profit.

The goodness of human nature is not wasteful, extravagant or greedy, and it is not suitable for the infinite expansion and greed of capital. Therefore, the expansion of the capital market is harmful to the humanity in market behavior and affects the long-term harmony of human society.

China Brand DayThe development of the brand needs to understand the essence of the brand and the foundation of infinite sustainable and healthy development.Through the Hongxing Erke incident, we can see how great love, national culture, and the values ​​expected by the people, how to crush other markets, and how to put ourselves in the right position.

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