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What is the definition of a brand and what are the characteristics of a brand?

Brands(Brand) is an identification mark, a spiritual symbol, a value concept, and the core embodiment of excellent quality.Brand is the expression of culture, brand is the highlight of value, brand is our inner desire, brand marketing is to transmit value and share beauty.

The process of cultivating and creating a brand is also a process of continuous innovation. Only with the power of innovation can it be in an invincible position in the fierce competition, and then consolidate the original brand equity and participate in the competition at multiple levels, angles and fields.

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Definition of the brand

At present, there are many definitions of brand in the theoretical circle, which are listed as follows:

1. Brand refers to an organization and theA combination of tangible and intangible manifestations of a product or service, whose purpose is to identify an organization's products or services and differentiate them from those of competitors.

2. The brand is aname, term, mark, symbol or pattern, or their combination, to identify the product or service provided by the enterprise to a certain or a group of consumers, and to distinguish it from the products or services of its competitors. (Marketing expert Dr. Philip Kotler)

3. "Brand" is the holographic concentration of the sum of all intangible assets of an enterprise or brand subject (including cities, individuals, etc.), and "this concentration" can be identified by a specific "symbol";It is the product of the interaction between subject and object, subject and society, enterprise and consumer.

4, (米国生活point of view) "Brand"BeThe existence of a consciousness is the desire for beauty in the founder's heart, the inheritance and innovation of cultural civilization, and the medium for the exchange of spiritual information in human society..Brand is also the way and means for capital to obtain premium, and it is also the carrier of material and spiritual transmission with kindness and strength.

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Brand Overview

A brand is generally considered to be a name, term, mark, symbol or pattern, or a combination of them, used to identify the products or services of a seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from competitors' products and services. service is different.The following concepts are closely associated with brands:

brand name: The part of the brand that can be pronounced - a combination of words, letters, numbers or phrases, etc.Such as Haier, Great Wall Motors, Gree air conditioners, etc.

brand logo: Unspoken parts of the brand - including symbols, patterns, or obvious colors or fonts.Such as Nike's one-hook shape, the swan shape of the little swan, IBM's font and the standard color of dark blue.

brand role: It is a way to represent a brand with a human or anthropomorphic logo, such as Haier Brothers, MacDonald, Mickey Mouse, Master Kong, etc.

trademark: The entire brand, brand logo, brand role, or combination of elements that is legally protected.When a trademark is used, it should be clearly indicated with "R" or "Note", which means a registered trademark.

Origin of the brand

The brand's English word Brand is derived from the Old Norse brandr, which means "burning".People use this way to mark private property such as livestock that needs to be differentiated from others.In Europe in the Middle Ages, craftsmen used this branding method to mark their handicrafts so that customers could identify the origin and producer of the products.This gives rise to the original trademark, which provides assurance to consumers and legal protection to producers.

In the early 16th century, producers of distilling whisky put the whisky in casks bearing the producer's name to prevent unscrupulous traders from stealing their way.By 1835, brewers in Scotland were using the brand "OldSmuggler" to maintain the reputation for the quality of wines made using special distillation procedures.

In the Oxford Dictionary, a brand is explained as "To prove ownership, as a sign of quality or for other purposes”, which is used to distinguish and prove quality. With the passage of time, the pattern of business competition and the form of the retail industry are constantly changing, and the meaning of brand bearing has become more and more abundant, and even a special research field – branding has been formed.

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Brand Features

Brand is a proprietary brand

A brand is used to identify the product or service of the manufacturer or seller.The brand owner has been identified through legal procedures and has the exclusive right to the brand, and has the right to require other companies or individuals not to counterfeit or forge.This also refers to the exclusivity of the brand. However, our country's enterprises have not made good use of legal weapons in international competition, and have not given full play to the exclusive rights of the brand. In recent years, we have been seeing the embarrassment of domestic golden signboards in the international market. Situation: "Hongta Mountain" was squatted in the Philippines, more than 100 brands were squatted in Japan, and more than 180 brands were squatted in Australia, etc. People should reflect in time and make full use of the exclusive rights of the brand.

Brand is the intangible resource of an enterprise

Since the brand owner can continuously obtain benefits by virtue of the brand's advantages, can use the brand's market development power and image expansion power, and continuously develop the internal power of capital, we can see the value of the brand.This kind of value cannot be expressed in physical form like material assets, but it can rapidly increase the intangible assets of enterprises and can be traded in the market as commodities.


Although my country's brand creation started late, in 2017, my country establishedChina Brand Day, but domestic famous brands are developing rapidly, and the brand value evaluation system is gradually formed and standardized, such as the domestic Asian brand value evaluation agency.

Brand conversion has certain risks and uncertainties

After the brand is established, in the process of its growth, due to the constant changes in the market and the continuous increase in demand, the brand capital of the enterprise may grow or shrink, and even a certain brand will withdraw from the market in the competition.There is a certain risk in the growth of the brand, and it is also difficult to evaluate it. For the risk of the brand, sometimes the product quality of the company is unexpected, sometimes the service is not up to standard, and sometimes the brand capital is blindly expanded and the operation is not good. The maintenance of corporate brand brings difficulties, and there is uncertainty in the evaluation of corporate brand benefits.

Therefore, a good brand and a long-term brand must be very good in quality. This also shows that the brand is synonymous with good quality. If the quality is good enough, the brand will grow. If the quality is not good, the brand will weaken.And special events also need good brand PR to handle.

Brand representation

A brand is an intangible asset of an enterprise. It does not have an independent entity and does not occupy space, but its most original purpose is to let people remember a certain product or enterprise in a form that is easier to remember. Therefore, the brand must have a material carrier. It needs to express itself through a series of material carriers to formalize the brand.The direct carrier of the brand is mainly words, patterns and symbols, and the indirect carrier is mainly the quality of the product, product service, popularity, reputation and market share.

Without a material carrier, the brand cannot be expressed, and it is even less possible to achieve the overall communication effect of the brand.Excellent brands are more prominent in terms of carriers. For example, the text of "Coca-Cola" reminds people of the after-drinking effect of its beverages. Its red pattern and corresponding packaging can play a unique effect. Shape "M" will give people more visual effect?

Expansion of the brand

Brands have the function of identification, representing a product and an enterprise. Enterprises can use this advantage to demonstrate the brand's ability to develop the market, and can also help enterprises use brand capital to expand.

Brand Value

Brand value includes user value and self-value.

The function, quality and value of the brand are the user value elements of the brand, that is, the internal three elements of the brand; the popularity, reputation and popularity of the brand are the self-value elements of the brand, that is, the external three elements of the brand.

The user value of a brand depends on the internal three factors, and the self-worth of the brand depends on the external three factors.

brand value

When customers come, let them come and go;
Customers consume, let them love without regrets.

Brand connotation

The most lasting meaning and essence of a brand is its value, culture and personality; a brand is a commercial term, and after a brand is registered, a trademark is formed, and an enterprise obtains legal protection and has its exclusive right; a brand is the result of long-term efforts of an enterprise to operate, and it is the Intangible carrier.In order to deeply reveal the meaning of the brand, it is also necessary to look at the following six aspects.

  1. Attributes: Brands represent a specificproduct attributes, which is the most basic meaning of the brand.
  2. Benefits: A brand not only represents a set of attributes, but also embodiesa particular interest.
  3. Value: The brand embodies something of the producersense of value.
  4. Culture: The brand is also attached to a specificculture.
  5. Personality: The brand also reflects a certainpersonality.
  6. User: The brand implies the purchase or use of the productconsumer type.

Based on the above six levels of brand meaning, marketing companies must decide the depth level of brand characteristics.

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Brand Sinology

To make a brand, we need to think about the things behind the brand. The concept of brand comes from the West. We need to learn from the West. Western developed countries already have mature experience and theories related to brand management, brand marketing, and brand operation; but when we learn from the West, Don't forget the wisdom of the ancients. We have discovered the problem of survival and often think of the ancients' words. Unfortunately, the faults and out-of-context understanding of the ancients are still regrettable.

Brand misunderstanding

All walks of life are talking about brands. Enterprises hope to build their own brands and make them well. The country has also given a lot of support in terms of policies, and the media is also spreading various brand concepts.However, there are many examples of dislocation of commitment and fulfillment of big brands in all walks of life in the market. There are many misunderstandings in the current brand concept of enterprises:

  • Many business operators and marketers don't have a clear understanding of brands, and they are superficial and superficial.
  • It is believed that the building and building of the brand is only the creativity of the brand value and communication language, and only the promotion of the promotion activities. As a result, the behavior of brand building is ambiguous and random, and the result of the brand is naturally unsatisfactory.
  • Enterprises have not established a mechanism for evaluating brand promise and performance.
  • The content promised by the company is inconsistent with the content of the performance, which leads to the deviation and dislocation in the process of brand building and building.

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