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What are the problems of SME brand building?

Whether in terms of scale or competitiveness, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises occupies the vast majority of the market, but their popularity and market share are small.Just like there is a set of figures of 80% and 20%, it can be said that the number of small and medium-sized enterprises occupies 80% of the market, but their market share is only 20%. If you want to increase the market share, in the final analysis, you must build your own brand. , to start brand building.
As Philip Kotler defines the brand:BrandsPrimarily a name, tag, or joint application.Its main function is a system that allows people to distinguish between different sellers or products and services.Today, when homogeneous products are saturated, if you want to provide products and services for a long time, you must attract consumers, enhance recognition, and increase exposure, and these are the most basic tasks of brand building.However, focusing on brand building cannot ignore the problems existing in the work.

Brand positioning is unknown

In fact, almost every company has a brand, but it often lacks deep, clear and specific connotations, just like creating a pale body without rich personality and soul.Such a brand is unconvincing no matter what kind of publicity methods it adopts.Brand building needs to clarify its own value, need to express it accurately, and need to resonate with specific consumers to find its own position.
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Poor brand awareness

Most SMEs are blindly pursuing profits in order to survive.This is short-sighted, because even if the product quality of the enterprise is excellent and the brand building of the product is ignored, there is always the possibility of being eliminated by better products in the fierce market competition.
Some enterprises do not register their trademarks, or the registration is incomplete or untimely, which easily leads to the phenomenon of being squatted by their peers, and some small enterprises sell their brands at will for temporary interests.
And the behavior of enterprises to expand sales, lower prices, reduce costs, and ignore publicity is a blow to and destruction of their own brands.

Poor after-sales service

Profit maximization is the ultimate goal of an enterprise, and sales are fundamental, but it does not mean that the task is completed after the product is sold.For customers who buy a product, what they buy is not only the product itself, but also all the services related to the product.Enterprises believe that providing after-sales service is cost-increasing and not cost-effective, but taking a long-term perspective, if you want the company to develop long-term and enhance brand awareness, then after-sales service is essential.

Brand does not stand out

We are actually a small and micro enterprise, but our image often surpasses that of many enterprises, resulting in a lot of attention from all directions. You can do the same, we can do it, and help you achieve your brand image.
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