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How to maintain brand image and brand value competitiveness?

Brand maintenance refers to the impact of changes in the external environment on the brand carried out by the enterprise.Maintain brand image, maintain brand market position and brand valueA collective term for a series of activities.Brand maintenance is an important task in the implementation of brand strategy.

The process of brand maintenance

As the most effective and loyal carrier of communication between enterprises and customers, brands have always been valued.However, the formation of brand competitiveness is not achieved overnight. Many brands often play a premature role in market competition due to the lack of necessary forward-looking maintenance.There are still many companies that are blindly greedy and seek perfection due to lack of understanding of rational brand building, but have been submerged by the market.The market in which the brand operates has boundaries, i.e.brand boundary, The boundary is determined by the attributes of the market, just like the wolf pack, the alpha wolf should manage his own wolf cubs and not break into other people's situation.

Recognize brand value

Brand BuildingIt is a long process. At this stage, business advertising investment, corporate culture shaping, and brand competitiveness analysis will all play a key role in the growth of the brand.

  • Borrow: Brand - Intangible Asset
  • Loans: bank deposits (for trademark registration, brand design, brand marketing promotion, etc.)

Advertising investment guides consumers to recognize the brand,The shaping of corporate culture makes the depth of the brand expand and become more humanized, and the analysis of brand competitiveness makes the connotation of the brand be transformed into marketing power, helping enterprises to achieve the goal of maximizing the market or profit.Once a brand is widely praised by consumers, it means that the brand already has a certain loyal customer base.The brand has intangible value, the intangible asset of brand reputation.

Brand segmentation objectively

Like products, brands also have the phenomenon of homogenization, and homogenization is a necessity.When your industry makes money, there will be a steady stream of followers who come to this industry to pan for gold until the industry enters a state of perfect competition.

Therefore, in the case of market saturation, the original needs of customers have been satisfied, and customers will generate more needs. At this time, new markets and market segments are gradually formed, which is the entry of brand segmentation. opportunity.

Rational sub-brand new brand extension

A company familiar with the laws of marketing can operate several brands at the same time, because the concept of market segmentation has been widely recognized.Different brands are aimed at the heterogeneity of customer needs in different market segments, so as to meet various needs and achievemonopoly or marketThe purpose of maximization is a common practice of multinational companies.The hierarchy of needs determinesA brand cannot occupy every market segment of a product, Parker Pen Company once caused a comprehensive decline in market share and customer loyalty because of ignoring this problem.Pike bought a hard lesson with brutal market feedback.

If the main brand wants to extend the sub-brand, it needs to do a good job of the main brand first, otherwise, it is difficult for the sub-brand to have reference experience to prove it can be successful.Due to the imbalance in the strength and marketing level of enterprises, some enterprises are not suitable for adopting a multi-brand strategy.The main brand of the enterprise is still in the period of running-in with customers, the brand influence is limited, the market is limited, and rashly designing a new brand is irrational and the consequences are disastrous.

Appeal to determine brand attributes

What is the appeal of Rolls-Royce?Noble and unique; while Mercedes-Benz advocates luxury and technology; Volvo is known for its safety, and its appeal is "the safest car in the world"; and Porsche, as a sports car, pays more attention to the new feeling and driving pleasure brought by speed.It can be seen that different brands of cars have different brand attributes, and no car is omnipotent.

Clever brand linkage strategy

When it comes to the brand extension rule, everyone should be familiar with it.A brand is widely used in all its products, and it is a good opportunity to quickly occupy the market through the brand's influence and appeal.However, due to concerns about the risk of putting all eggs in the same basket and considering their own anti-risk capabilities, many manufacturers still use this rule with caution.

Brand connotation deliberation

The prerequisite for brand maintenance is that enterprises must objectively understand their own brand connotation.Shanshan is a well-known menswear brand in China with a high reputation.On its own, it should be a relatively neutral brand, and the gender distinction is not obvious. As a famous clothing company, Shanshan Group has repeatedly scrutinized the extension of Shanshan to women's clothing brands.After a lot of investigation and certification, it was found that the Chinese translation of Shanshan is more suitable for men's clothing advertising requirements, so there is a new translation of Shanshan's name "Fahanshi" in the women's clothing brand, and it soon became a wonderful flower in the women's clothing market.

Timely brand crisis PR

Although market segments exist objectively and influence companies to adjust their marketing strategies, it is important to realize that a multi-brand strategy is not suitable for all companies.The main brand can be preserved in the market because the market segment occupied by it is a large part of the overall market share, and it is the core market that guarantees the enterprise to achieve its development goals.For brand maintenance, crisis public relations can regulate the relationship between the brand and the market, the public and consumers.

Brand is the humerus for enterprises to compete in the market, and it is also a long-term task for enterprises.Only by objectively subdividing the brand, making the brand have a sense of belonging, further determining the content of the brand's appeal, and implementing a series of brand campaigns to make the brand stand out, can it gain a place in the market competition.

The meaning of brand maintenance

As an important asset of an enterprise, the brand's market competitiveness and brand value are hard-won.However, the market is not static, so companies need to constantly maintain the brand.

Strengthen the market position of the brand

corporate brand in a competitive marketBrand awarenessThe phenomenon of brand loss, such as the decline of brand reputation and the decrease of sales and market share, is called brand aging.Brand aging is a possibility for any brand, especially in today's competitive market.Therefore, continuous maintenance of the brand is an important means to avoid brand aging.

Maintain and enhance brand vitality

The vitality of a brand depends on the needs of consumers.If the brand can meet the changing needs of consumers, then the brand has strong vitality in the competitive market.Otherwise, brand aging may occur.Therefore, it is necessary to continuously maintain the brand to meet the needs of the market and consumers.

Prevent and defuse crises

The market situation is changing, consumers' awareness of rights protection is also increasing, and brands are facing threats from all aspects.Once the enterprise fails to predict the coming of the crisis, or has no strategy to deal with the crisis, the brand faces great danger.

Brand maintenance requires continuous improvement in the quality of branded products or services, can effectively localize the brand crisis caused by internal reasons, at the same time strengthen the core value of the brand, carry out rational brand extension and brand expansion, which is conducive to reducing the risk of contagion after the crisis occurs.

fend off competing brands

In a competitive market, the market performance of competing brands will directly affect the value of the corporate brand.Continuous maintenance of the brand enables us to remain competitive in the competitive market.At the same time, it will also play a certain role in resisting counterfeit brands.

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