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How to build a brand image?

BrandIt is the aggregate of all the associations consumers have with the brand, which reflects the image of the brand in consumers' memory.Brand associations are formed as a result of both marketing and non-marketing activities.Consumers' associations with brands can be obtained either through channels controlled by enterprises or through channels not controlled by enterprises.
shapeBrandFirst of all, three principles must be followed:
1. Cultural principles: Successful brands contain the cultural connotation of the country or nation.
2, the principle of seeking differences.Brand uniqueness can leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers by distinguishing it from a homogeneous brand.
3. Compatibility principle.The brand image is a whole, the main brand needs to coordinate with other sub-brands, cooperate with each other, and develop together.

Ways to build brand image

All staff establish the concept of brand image building

In an enterprise, both managers and employees must establish the concept of building a brand image, establish a brand concept, and make the brand image run through the operation and production.

Pay attention to product quality

The quality of the product is to meet the needs of consumers, and it is also the cornerstone of the brand image and the life of the brand.Enterprises must strengthen management, allocate resources rationally, and introduce new technologies in order to improve the quality of products, thus providing the necessary guarantee for building a brand image.

Introducing Cultural Factors to Build Emotional Bonds

As mentioned in the previous article, building a brand image should follow cultural principles. While a brand has its own personality, it should also be rooted in culture and build a bridge of emotional connection with the public. People of every country and every nation are deeply affected by this. The influence of one's own national culture, and cultural traditions inadvertently affect consumers' choices.The brand image created by the enterprise can well fit some factors of traditional culture, it will occupy the emotional space in the hearts of consumers, and guide consumers to pay attention to the brand.

Pay attention to PR and advertising

The brand image must ultimately be established in the minds of the public, which depends on the public's trust and loyalty to the brand.PR and advertising are the boosters for getting a brand to the public.Therefore, whether it is a print advertisement or a three-dimensional advertisement, whether it is through channels such as magazines, television, radio, newspapers, etc., or new media, it is necessary to pay attention to the advertising style consistent with its own brand image, abide by the consistent style of the brand, and make the brand image clear.
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