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How to build a virtual body of a brand in addition to products

Brands are virtual entities that originate from physical entities and settle in the minds of consumers.That is to say, the brand is the projection of the company's products, services, communication, channel terminals, personnel, etc. in the mental space of users and target consumers. It is the feeling, cognition and understanding after the experience. User's emotions and imagination.Users form subjective cognitions and judgments, as well as unique emotions and preferences, on the enterprises and products they experience through what they see, hear, and use, combined with their own experience and habits.Consumers' fragmented memories and associations about brands, when integrated, will generate a whole set of feelings in their hearts.So, we believe that it is the experience that creates the brand.
To build a brand, an enterprise must first break the traditional way of thinking, not only to make good products and services, but also to figure out how to create a user experience based on these products and services, so as to generate a brand that can resonate with each consumer.

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