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How to do brand building with search engine as platform?

Before talking about brand building, we must first understand "Brands". Brand is an intangible asset with economic value that belongs to the enterprise. It is a differentiated expression with abstract, unique, recognizable and other characteristics. The existence of the brand is that people can distinguish and understand the products of different enterprises. Different degrees of love or disgust are produced. So on this basis, the "Brand Building". Brand building is a long-term and uninterrupted process of brand building.
The content of brand building covers all aspects related to the brand, whether it is from the initial brand positioning, logo design, to the core value of the brand in the marketing link, the quality of brand products, and even the follow-up after-sales service, all of which are in the work of brand building. It is a question that needs to be considered, but with the Internet as the main means of communication today, how to occupy the position in the search engine seems to be the top priority of brand building workers.
The search engine is a good platform for displaying the brand, and increasing the exposure window is a good direction for efforts.

百度 百科

Baidu Encyclopedia, 360 Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, etc. are all "business cards" that can be used as a brand, but any content displayed on "Encyclopedia" gives the impression of high credibility, which is undoubtedly a good window for brand endorsement.

Word of Mouth Q&A

Interactive Q&A, such as Baidu Know, Sina iAsk, Tianya, various forums, etc.On these Q&A platforms, it is also a common way to promote brands in the form of Q&A.On the one hand, it can "solve confusion" so that people who don't know the brand have a certain understanding of the brand through this method, and it can also be used as a "guide" to highlight the advantages of the brand.

news media

To increase brand exposure, the power of the media is indispensable. Related news about brands or companies, as well as soft articles about branded products, can be released through the media to improve credibility.

Brand website

A brand or enterprise naturally has its own website. If it can improve the ranking of the website through optimization, it will have a considerable advantage in the fierce online competition.
Others: The default search engine we are talking about is Baidu search engine, and the default for Encyclopedia is Baidu Encyclopedia.

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