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How to promote the corporate brand image?

Every enterprise pays attention to its own image, some are corporate image, some are brand image. Appeal, improve yourself, show yourself, and optimize yourself, so as to obtain high-quality evaluation in multiple directions, including word of mouth and news media.

The composition of corporate brand image

The tangible elements of brand image include products and their packaging, production and operation environment, production and operation performance, social contribution, employee image, brand network image, etc.

In the Internet era, we mainly promote the corporate brand image through the Internet, so let's introduce the network image:

Brand network image, that is, the brand image obtained by searching for the brand name will become the main information collection method. We obtain the brand image through the search of brand words, including but not limited to:

  • Official website image: product image, employee image, social responsibility image, etc.;
  • News image: media image such as third-party evaluation, word-of-mouth, positive and negative public opinion;
  • Image/Encyclopedia/Tieba image: We understand brand products and company image through pictures, and get the first information at a glance through the first entrance of the search engine, and a comprehensive understanding.
  • Other Image: Image done through brand optimization.

Promotion of corporate brand image

Corporate brand theme promotion

Product-based promotion, because less consideration is given to the cluster effect between the promotion of different products, the selection of products is often messy, and there is a lack of clear and consistent product image design.

To this end, when conducting brand promotion, we must first draw the existing product distribution map, so as to discover the basic value proposition hidden behind the product, and use it to guide the basic promotion theme and auxiliary promotion theme.

In the actual promotion work, it is possible to consciously and planfully select the products that best match the theme for promotion, prevent the sparse phenomenon in the usual product promotion, realize the concentration of product promotion themes, and improve the deferred effect of promotion investment.

Corporate brand stylized promotion

In the continuous upgrading of products, in the continuous transformation of demand and fashion, the product style is also constantly changing. Product-based promotion often focuses on the trademark design effect of a single product, and does not consider the difference between all products. However, the result of this is that each new product launch needs to inform consumers from the beginning, and cannot take advantage of the previous product effect.

When carrying out brand promotion operations, it is necessary to carry out a lot of preparations for the construction of the product identification system, and integrate the common brand value into the design of different products, so that consumers can feel its positioning and value. consumer loyalty.

Promotion of corporate brand advantage

The product resources of many manufacturers are extremely rich, some of which are of good quality and have the potential to grow into star products. However, because manufacturers are restrained by current income, they are often regardless of size, and they will treat the limited resources equally. In the end, the product structure is mixed and the product roles are ambiguous. Even after years of product promotion, a competitive product portfolio has not been formed.

Brand promotion abandons the original resource allocation model and adopts the strategy of distinguishing primary and secondary, building echelons, highlighting the main players, and shaping stars, which not only makes the distribution of profit contribution points more balanced, but also improves the market influence of the entire brand, thereby improving the entire enterprise. resource integration capability and market competitiveness.

Corporate brand fashion promotion

Whether it is fast-moving consumer goods or high-tech products, their market demands are constantly changing with the times, maintaining a distinct fashionable consumption color.Although product promotion that lacks brand awareness will also deliberately use some fashionable language to express itself in the promotion operation, but most of them are separated from the product value, and it is difficult to really strike the heartstrings of consumers.

When product promotion is converted to brand promotion, the possibility of fashion will be conceived from the basic value of the brand, preventing the sticking of external fashion labels, so as to gain the respect and support of consumers.

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