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How to judge the quality of brand image?

Brand image is a collection of all associations consumers have with a brand, which reflects the image of the brand in consumers' memory.Brand associations are formed as a result of both marketing and non-marketing activities.Consumers' associations with brands can be obtained either through channels controlled by enterprises or through channels not controlled by enterprises.

Brand image can be measured by quantitative methods.There are two indicators commonly used to measure brand image strength: one is brand awareness; the other is brand reputation.But we think this is not enough, brand image should also include brand reflection, brand attention, brand recognition, brand reputation, brand communication, brand loyalty and brand following.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to the degree to which a brand is known to the public and is a quantitative indicator for evaluating brand image.The investigation of popularity can be carried out from three different angles, namely: public popularity, industry popularity, and target audience popularity.

  • The so-called public awareness of the brand refers to the awareness rate of the brand in the whole society.How to determine the awareness rate can be reflected through the Baidu index. The search index is the number of search terms for the brand in the market. The more searches, the more people who know it.
  • The so-called industry reputation is the awareness rate or influence of the brand in the relevant industry.
  • The so-called target audience awareness refers to the influence of the brand in the target customers.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation refers to the degree to which a brand has gained public trust, support and approval.The investigation of reputation can also be studied from three aspects: public reputation, industry reputation, and target audience reputation.Brand reputation reflects the quality of the brand's impact on society.

Brand reputation can be observed through news and customer word of mouth.

brand beauty

Brand beauty refers to whether the brand can give people the enjoyment of beauty from the visual psychological impact on people.

brand responsiveness

Brand responsiveness refers to the responsiveness of a brand to public perception.It mainly expresses people's instant reflection on a brand.

brand attention

Brand attention refers to the ability of a brand to attract public attention, mainly referring to the conspicuous degree of a brand in contact with the public.

Brand Awareness

Brand recognition refers to the degree to which the brand is recognized and reproduced by the public, and in a sense, refers to the degree to which the brand features and functions are understood by consumers.

brand communication

Brand communication refers to the penetrating power of brand communication, which mainly discusses the influence of brand communication.

brand loyalty

Brand loyalty mainly refers to the degree to which the public chooses the use of branded products.

brand following

Brand following mainly refers to whether brand users can follow the brand with the changes of the brand, which is a further requirement than brand loyalty.
The evaluation of brand image is often realized by the method of market research. In actual work, it is impossible to have all nine degrees. Several indicators should be selected for comprehensive evaluation.

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