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20 details to make you look educated

Upbringing is a quality in the details that makes you look different. If you look at it from afar, you will also have an intoxicating fragrance.Looking at a very delicate woman, even if she is surrounded by famous brands, if she has no education at all, she can't highlight her noble temperament.

Poor and rich are not as good as educated.

Chen Daoming said: "Education and culture are two different things. Although some people are very educated, they are very uneducated; some people have no academic qualifications and knowledge, but they are still very educated and well-measured."

Not much knowledge is ignorance;

Not used to thinking, just rude and stupid;

There is no noble sentiment, but vulgarity.

When a woman is educated, she must be a virtuous and good person. She is not ostentatious and does not lower her eyebrows. It is a breeze and drizzle in the deep summer, and a warm current in the deep winter.She is not necessarily a stunning beauty, but she will definitely exude an elegant temperament in the years, which is different from the market, with a heart of orchids that has settled down in the years.

1 Do not touch other people's belongings

A friend came to my house before, and I was busy cutting fruit to entertain, and I said casually, you can take a look at it and don’t think of yourself as an outsider.That's not bad. My friend is really not welcome. When I wandered around at home, it was really embarrassing to open the closet and take things to look at. I felt that I had made a fake friend in an instant.Not disturbing other people's things and respecting other people's privacy are the most basic qualities.

2 The smaller the promise, the more it must be kept

"I will give you the plan tomorrow" and "Let's have a dinner together". The seemingly trivial sentence is also a small agreement. Some people are casual and polite, but some people are sincerely invited to arrange it in the future plan.Such practical actions will give people a good impression and make people feel sincere and trustworthy.

3. Try to trouble others as little as possible

Regardless of life or work, try to do what you can do by yourself, don't always trouble others, and don't take other people's help for granted. If you have to trouble others, you must actively thank you.

4 Warm the people around you with small acts of kindness

There is such a piece of news: 25 years ago, Dai Xingfen, a woman from Zhejiang Province, took in 3 young men she did not know for a while, and gave them 10 yuan each to take a car. Twenty-five years later, the youngest "beggar" He Rongfeng became a well-known entrepreneur in Shenyang. He found Dai Xingfen and gave her 25 million yuan as a gift, hoping to repay the original kindness.

Of course, this story is not to try to reward others in the future. What I want to express is that because your little charity has helped more people, too many people are icing on the cake, and too few people give charcoal in the snow.

5. Take the flyer and politely decline the promotion

We often receive flyers or sales calls, which makes people very offensive.I remember one time on the road, a guy handed me a flyer and said, "Trown it for me, please."I was so dumbfounded that I took the flyer and threw it away for him.

In fact, everyone’s life is not easy. If you change your mindset, you will leave a good mood for each other. For example, you can say "Thank you, I don’t need it yet." Will not make the other party too embarrassed.

6 5 minutes ahead of everything

Make everything 5 minutes ahead of schedule and solve 90% of life’s worries.Leave enough time not only to prevent accidents, but also to adjust your mood in advance and enter the best state.

7 Know how to say thank you, always be grateful

We will always meet some people, you give your heart to them and think about them everywhere, but they are not only ungrateful, but also say that you are not good.No matter what others are like, as long as we do our best, we should be grateful to all those who treat us well, to all things in the world, and to repay our gratitude.

Only when a person is grateful can he know how to cherish, respect, and give, and then he can feel the beauty of life. If he is always grateful, he will have the grace of kind thoughts, and the mood will be natural and peaceful.To forgive others is to be kind to yourself!

8 Don't save others by yourself, don't talk about right and wrong behind your back

One's greatest malice is to impose one's own understanding on others, take all the results for granted with one's own understanding, and always think that oneself is correct.

In life, there are too many people who like to judge others from their own perspective and position.In the case of not knowing the facts, save others and make rash comments.It is an upbringing to never judge others at will. Everyone has a different growth environment and way of life. Don't judge others casually, and learn to respect the differences of others, even if it is difficult for you to understand; because of your malicious speculation , may cause indelible pain to the parties involved.

9 Politeness should be with everyone

Parenting is empathy, consideration and respect for the other person, no matter if you become rich or powerful, you can’t be invincible and condescending.A truly well-mannered person will treat everyone politely, whether it is a boss, an elder, a restaurant waiter or an old man picking up garbage on the roadside. The more respect you give to others, the more people will admire you for being a person.

10 Safety precautions and hygiene when walking your dog

A colleague complained early in the morning, saying that he drove home from get off work yesterday and stepped on something soft as soon as he opened the door. It was shit, and he was so angry that he threw his shoes away.Many of our families like to keep pets. Cats are better, especially dogs. When walking, the owner must have a sense of ethics, remember to lead the rope, clean the pet's excrement, and wear masks for large dogs to prevent hurting people.

11 Try not to disturb others in public places

I often encounter people who are loud in public places, or when watching performances or movies, the mobile phone rings from time to time, whispering about the development of the plot, and then I really want the other party to disappear in place, so we must not become like this in our lives. annoying person.

You can talk quietly and quickly about the things that must be dealt with. When watching the show, turn your mobile phone into vibration mode. If you are late, please lower your body and enter the venue. After watching the show, clean up the garbage.If you take your children to the cinema, don't make noise and influence others to watch the movie.

12 After eating, clear the dishes by yourself

Many cafeterias now have their own utensils to eat, but there are still many people who leave after eating.A literate person will pack up what they have eaten, either in a fixed area, or put the residue in the dishes for others to clean up.

13 When taking the escalator, keep to the right and leave a passage

This has always been observed in foreign countries. Now, when taking elevators in many large cities in China, it has become orderly, and consciously give way to the left side of the passage for people who pass quickly, so as to provide convenience for others.

14 Pay attention to your sitting posture

I believe everyone has heard a saying that "men are poor and women are inferior".In life, there are some people who like to shake their legs. As long as they sit down, their legs will start to shake up and down. This is very unattractive, especially in public places. Don’t shake your legs. The chairs will shake together, which really affects others.

15 Pay attention to table manners

The etiquette at the dinner table is also a kind of culture. We have been educated since we were young to not make any noises when eating, not to turn the dishes at will, not to turn over the dishes, not to light up the dishes that we like, and to use the public chopsticks with public chopsticks.But there are still many people who don't pay attention when they have a dinner together, so the little fairies compare their habits and change them.

16 Clothing and manners

Girls are born to love beauty, but we don’t need to be deliberately dressed up. When dressing up, neatness, fit and matching of clothes are more important than fashion, especially the overall manners need to be paid attention to, such as not inserting hands into pockets or crossing legs. It's better to have ladies outside.

17 Don't stare at others, don't point at random

Imagine if others are always staring at you, or quietly pointing at you without knowing what they are discussing, will you feel uncomfortable and a chill will come to you?So needless to say, just start with me.

18 Things that others like, don’t judge at will

Everyone has different aesthetics and is full of joy. If you are ridiculed and ridiculed by others, no one will feel like it. So don’t make negative comments easily. If you really want to point it out, use a tone that is acceptable to the other party, such as "This is a good thing. , But I think changing a color may highlight your temperament more.” This is also a reflection of being able to talk and high emotional intelligence.

19. Turn sharp objects toward you

When handing scissors, knives, etc., turn the sharp side toward you. Why do you want to do this?Sister Ge really has a deep understanding. She likes to do crafts when she is young. When I was cutting paper, the boy next to him had to borrow a knife. I gave it to him without paying attention. So I cut the boy’s hand and the blood was flowing. Quickly send him to the infirmary for bandaging.Therefore, in our lives, we must pay attention when using scissors or knives, and we must pay attention when handing them to others.

20 Intimate little things to keep in your bag

You can carry band-aids, tissues, small snacks and other small items with you for your own needs, and you can also make it convenient for others. You must be very considerate.

These are just a few examples in our lives. Details like these seemingly trivial are often overlooked by us.But through these details, a person’s upbringing can be shown and the most precious charm of a person’s heart can be embodied.

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