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2020 Bo "epidemic", health is the way to love you

Two months ago, in the December when people were about to usher in 2020 and were full of infinite hopes for it, no one would have thought that a virus was waiting for an opportunity in the corner; Two months later, the epidemic spread to the whole country, and its impact has spread to all of us Chinese, that is, the new coronavirus.
In the past two months, we have experienced a lot: from not wearing a mask, to wearing a mask, to not being able to buy a mask; from running around, to avoiding going out, to staying at home.This period coincides with our traditional Chinese festival, the Spring Festival. Many people even gave up going home and spent this different New Year alone.
We have also seen a lot. We have seen the selfless donations of the working people at the bottom, the inaction of the top leaders, the friendliness of people from foreign countries, and the solidarity of people from all regions.Among them, the ones that touched us the most were the angels in white. Medical staff from all over the country rushed to Hubei and Wuhan with supplies. They gave up their holidays and left their relatives temporarily. They rushed to fight the virus and the epidemic. On the front line, they face the unknown and fear, but when the comrades write their names and slogans on the protective clothing, in the streaks on their faces after taking off the masks, what we see is perseverance, perseverance and welcome. Difficulty and perseverance.Yes, they are warriors, warriors with white wings.Of course, there are also people from all walks of life who are also working hard to fight the epidemic in places we can't see.
Affected by this epidemic, the holidays have been extended. After the resumption of work, many enterprises have also responded to the call of the state to let employees work from home as much as possible.米国生活The same is true.But even if you are working from home, you should pay attention to maintaining good habits: maintain a regular work and rest, ventilate the room frequently, wash your hands frequently and carefully, and wear a mask when going out.Do not let the virus have any opportunity to maintain a healthy body and mind.
The saying goes "isolating the virus, not isolating love". In 2020, health is the way to love you.

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