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Enterprise management, "honesty" takes the lead

Integrity is the foundation of people - Lu Xun
Those who do not believe in their words will fail in their deeds - Mozi
If a person breaks his word, his name is not up to his name - Liu Xiang
These are all well-known famous sayings, all of which warn people to be honest, and there are many such famous sayings and aphorisms.Not only as a person, but also in business management, integrity should also become the cornerstone of every business.
Due to the impact of the epidemic, almost the world's masks are in a situation of tight supply.Recently, there have also been bad news about the return of masks exported from China. As for the real reason for the return, is there a real quality problem?Or was someone deliberately smeared?Or the unpredictable international political situation?It is hard to say these things, but looking back a few months ago, when the epidemic first broke out in China, how many people collected used masks and sold them, how many companies squeezed masks and sold them at high prices, hoarding them, and what's more , blatantly selling fake masks in pharmacies, and the culprit is the top leader of the company.Faced with such a difficult and tense situation, the people are in trouble and the country is in trouble, these individuals and enterprises have done such disgusting behavior for their own selfish desires, and they have not put the word "integrity" in their eyes at all. The best outcome for individuals and enterprises is to be eliminated from the market and to be judged by the people and the country.
Of course, there are also many companies who have done many heart-warming things during the epidemic, contributing to the medical staff who are fighting the epidemic on the front line and the staff who are working hard in various positions. These integrity-based companies should accept it. The applause of the people.
米国生活Since its establishment, it has always been based on the concept of integrity management. Many other companies based on integrity are also the objects of our study and the goal of our efforts. No matter the past, present or future, we will walk on the road of integrity and will not deviate. .

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