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Can't set up a stall?then make your brand

Recently, setting up stalls seems to have become a popular trend. Many people think that this small business can not only pass the time, but also earn some extra money, and it is also helpful to the country's economic construction. I believe that not only individuals, but also many enterprises are also involved.But please note that Beijing is not suitable for stalls.Since you can't set up a stall on the spot, let's make a good brand!
XNUMX. Brand positioning
Brand positioning is an essential part of a company's branding.The target group, product price, and development trend all belong to this category, and the word "suitable" must be emphasized.Just like the stall economy, many cities flocked to it, but Beijing and Shenzhen remained unmoved because of the word "suitable".For consumers, no matter how good the brand is, it is not suitable for them, and they are not enough to buy it, so it is important to identify the brand positioning, determine the target customers, and carry out a series of brand packaging design, operation promotion and other work for the target customers. of.
XNUMX. Corporate image
Corporate image can't produce actual value, but a bad corporate image can make your products worthless. Speaking of which, do you think it's time to pay attention?Many people think that corporate image and brand are not linked, but think about it, as a consumer, will you buy products from unscrupulous merchants?The answer can be imagined.An enterprise needs a certain degree of contribution to the society in order to be more inclusive and accepted by the society.
XNUMX. After-sales service
If you set up a street stall to sell things, after the goods are sold, the quality is not good, and consumers will come back to you the next day, but there is a high probability that they will never find you again.But companies cannot "run away" overnight.There may be some quality problems in the products, and the service may not be in place. Since these problems have appeared, the companies that want to shirk their responsibilities first are absolutely not good brands.Finding problems, solving them, and finding ways to prevent such problems from recurring is what a responsible enterprise should do.
To put it bluntly, the essence of what a brand sells is a product, and a product is ultimately intended to serve consumers. Only when you put yourself in the shoes of consumers will they be willing to do business with you.

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