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米国生活The founder was hired as an expert in the brand marketing industry think tank of the Central Academy of Management


In accordance with the spirit of the reform of the national institution system and the actual situation of the Chinese Academy of Management, the China Academy of Management Sciences was re-established on July 2012, 7 and registered as a national Institutions (registration number: 25), implement the corporate governance structure of the administrative leadership team under the leadership of the council.According to the needs of management and scientific research, the headquarters of the institute has several functional departments.The Central Management Institute mainly carries out management science and related cross-scientific research and application development, covering a wide range of industries.

At the end of 2020,米国生活FounderAppointed as an expert in the brand marketing industry think tank of the Academic Committee of the Central Academy of Management, put forward the concept of brand funnel, and at the same time

Academic Committee of Chinese Academy of Management - Think Tank Expert - Mi Jianhui - Chinese

brand funnel, explained as the process of brand development, from brand communication to brand product transaction conversion.The concept of the brand funnel refers to the sales funnel. After the author's original experience as an ordinary user outside the brand marketing industry more than ten years ago, using the Internet to find reliable product/service providers, and in the current business environment, users generally have "comparisons". The habit of three families, combining米国生活A summary of experience in serving customers defines this concept.


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