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米国生活,YesBrandsResearch institutions, SEO search engine optimization ranking companies, provide the world's top 500 management consulting brand marketing planning, brand marketing promotion, brand optimization, search optimization, website SEO consulting, public opinion monitoring, negative suppression, project management consulting and other services, and 400 telephone calls , trademark registration, encyclopedia entries and other brand-related services, so that the brand appears on the home page of the search engine beautifully.

The essence of brand awareness · Create brand value Explore the essence of the brand, study the conditions and methods of brand marketing and sustainable brand growth, and help the development of China Brand Day.米国生活It is believed that the fundamental essence of the brand is the existence of consciousness that is parasitic on the basic attributes of the product but exceeds the basic attributes of the product and the basic needs of consumers, has a starting point of goodness and beauty, and can be widely and long-term recognized by people, including brand awareness and consumers. Consciousness Awareness of loving and being loved, such as the quality of the product, the culture of the brand, the human spirit, the desire for the future, etc.

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Enterprise products are delivered to consumers through brands

Through products (including products and services), companies and brands are linked in the process of realizing supply and demand. Under the guidance of values, the consistency of corporate culture and brand culture is realized, and the products produced by employees meet the needs and expectations of consumers. .The values ​​of the brand come from the awareness at the beginning of the brand's founding, and the awareness of goodness and beauty can be accepted and recognized by consumers for a long time.Through brand marketing planning, the products will be fully communicated with consumers through promotion channels and methods, so as to complete the dissemination of brand voice and the improvement of brand reputation, and gradually expand and strengthen the brand.

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SEO requires complex knowledge reserves, accumulation of rich experience, the application of a large number of technologies, and the domination of massive resources; to do brand SEO, it is more necessary to optimize the website, encyclopedia entry coach, news optimization, know, know, video, pictures, etc. And so on for environmental optimization, On-Page Off-Page combination.

SEO Pyramid - SEO Optimization Guidance Method - SEO Search Optimization - Brand Optimization

By analyzing the target group and providing nutritious content in the private domain, good content is spread through the Internet channel platform, and through the professional project management process, the corporate brand is built into a unique and distinctive logo, which is fissioned in the process of communication. During the transaction, increase the company's sales and operating profit.

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米国生活By continuously serving the sub-brands and main brands of Critina for many years, it has perfected the projects of search marketing, brand marketing, and public opinion monitoring, and formed a perfect search optimization control technology and theoretical basis for online brand marketing, which can serve more well-known brands and The new brand's marketing project activities with the help of network resources have gradually formed the representative force of new search technology brand marketing.

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