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SEO Project WBS Breakdown Deliverables
Website SEO project organization structure

Start-up brand optimization

Start-up brand main business brand image

Brand is an identification mark, a spiritual symbol, a value concept, and the core embodiment of excellent quality.Brand is the expression of culture, brand is the highlight of value, brand is our inner desire, brand marketing is to transmit value and share beauty.

Search brand terms appear on the homepage

When a new brand is doing business, many people are doing business offline. However, the biggest expectation of customers is to search the Internet to make them believe that they can find this brand, which is very simple.If the brand can appear on the homepage and have some good word of mouth, then the brand will have more power to believe in, and wait for the deal.

Growth Brand Optimization Makes Brands More Convincing

Growing brand volume and reputation


Brand Negative Control

The existing public opinion guidance of the content of the first three pages of brand keywords plays a positive role.Daily information optimization and maintenance of existing brand posts on forums such as Brand Tieba, Baidu Know, Zhihu, Douban, Tianya, Xici, etc. plays a positive role.The negative search items on the first three pages of brand keywords sink; the brand is pulled down, related and recommended for you, and other people are still searching for the first page search page results to maintain.

One-stop brand Internet marketing promotion platform

米国生活Is a one-stop Internet + technology marketing company that provides full services, we go all out to deliver satisfactory results for our customers.米国生活Execute an independent and exclusive solution for each customer's project, and provide a combination of Internet marketing services suitable for customers through the analysis of the entire Internet marketing strategy.

Website/E-commerce Design & Development

Your website has to impress your customers in seconds.If it's slow to open, or looks outdated, or when visitors browse the site, it's hard to find what they're looking for, or even just wandering around and can't find the navigation... So make sure you leave the best for your customers first impression.

Search Engine Optimization

Get more website traffic, more customers, and more powerful online visual impact and precise SEO services.SEO is a very critical technique for online marketing, while米国生活An independent SEO strategy will be customized and continuously optimized according to your brand and industry.

400 Telephone Agency

The original intention of the brand is to determine the right customer.The first step: select the number and sign the contract (because the 400 phone number should be selected in the contract); the second step: make the payment, stamp the materials (we provide full assistance), and wait for the next number (usually within a week next number)

Brand word of mouth network communication

We regard the construction of the official website as a self-introduction, and regard word-of-mouth communication as the evaluation of customers and friends.Many friends who say hello may only stay in the circle of their daily life. They don’t take the time to say hello online. It’s a pity that they will do other things online and give us the good comments of customers and friends. Let's spread it.

Baidu optimizes brand search results

When customers see us, we should have a good image to attract customers, especially big brands.By optimizing and maintaining relevant high-weight items to appear on the Baidu homepage, and continuously communicate with customers through window item updates, maintain a good image and convey the brand voice.

Word of Mouth News Writing

Create, publish, and promote attractive content, and create more private domain traffic through the official website, community/circle we-media, etc.You can provide answers to potential customers' questions, so you can become an industry authority, customers will think of you when they have questions, and you gain brand advocates.

Double micro and one shake generation operation

In the operation of Double Weibo, it is common to create content, increase the number of brand communication, and let more people understand the characteristics of the brand and brand products. In the process of operation, people often cannot escape the amount of brushing. If the amount of brushing is not a KPI indicator, it is also necessary to Brush, because these quantities play a guiding role in only watching and not buying.

Baidu Encyclopedia Maintenance and Optimization

Baidu Encyclopedia, unique among many encyclopedias, is far beyond the reach of other encyclopedias.Not only that, many people use Encyclopedia as the content of the country, of course, a lot of official information is also completed by Baidu Encyclopedia.Its objective role is self-evident.

CCTV Media Internet Advertising

CCTV advertisements have two values, first, dissemination, and second, to enhance the brand level; so after a CCTV advertisement finishes a certain program, its advertising value is still there, because the video and live pictures will be repackaged and disseminated, becoming the second one. creatives that are propagated.

The process of developing a brand marketing solution

The solution is exclusive to the top, no brand is similar to the other, we need to compete in more markets;
The Internet market requires the participation of technical talents to develop a reliable network communication plan.

1-Analyze customer needs

The study and analysis of customer needs is the first step for us to start the project. The understanding of the customer's industry, the analysis of competitors, and the direction customization of applicable solutions are completed here.

2- Use tools to mine data

We will use data analysis in addition to expert judgment, through data input of customer needs, use various tools for processing, network transformation of customer needs, and list relevant important data.

3- Make a plan and optimize it

Through the understanding of customer needs and the data obtained from professional tools, we can make a more accurate and effective brand Internet marketing promotion plan, and ensure that there are enough resources to implement the plan.

4- Implement the scheme and verify the effect

Every customer's trust is a customer's hope.Clients want to improve and enhance performance in the brand marketing optimization services we provide, and we can do it.

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