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Common enterprise operation tools

If a workman wants to be good, he must first sharpen his weapon.

This page will share the commonly used tools for your own reference.

Brand Marketing Network Analysis Tool

Baidu Index:

(Tool description: Baidu Index is a reference tool for the difficulty of SEO keyword analysis. If you cannot access it, you may need to register a Baidu account to log in. Be sure to remember the password)

Webmaster Tools:

Webmaster SEO Tools:

(Tool description: Webmaster tools can do a lot of things, such as network speed test, website 301 redirect code query, backlink query, keyword ranking query, export history ranking for several months, traffic and collection history, etc. Similar tools There are also love stations, 5118, etc.)

Keyword mining tool:

(Tool description: You can mine keywords and download, the download volume of paid members will increase, and there are restrictions on free)

Baidu algorithm information:

(Tool Description: Provide Baidu official information such as Baidu search engine indexing, ranking, punishment, etc.)

Price: Free

Marketing Statistics Tool

Baidu statistical tools:

(Tool description: Baidu is currently one of the main search engines in China, traffic from Baidu can be analyzed faster and more accurately, including search terms, search sources, bounce rate, conversion rate, heat map, most popular pages, etc. .)

Tencent Mobile/H5/ Mini Program Statistics Tool:

(Tool description: Tencent Mobile Analysis, mainly analyzes mobile data, and can also monitor data in WeChat, including gender, age group, region, customer retention rate, etc.)

Price: Free

SEO Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools:

SEO comprehensive query can check the information, indexing, backlinks and keyword rankings of the website's major search engines. .

Webmaster ToolsRelatively easy to use optimization tools.

5118 Tools

Expand millions of long-tail keywords through one or more keywords, and export multiple keyword Excel tables, including Baidu PC index, mobile index, 360 index, Baidu index, and bidding search volume. 5118 is very useful for mining keywords.

Aizhan website provides a number of webmaster tools such as website indexing query, webmaster query and Baidu weight value query, including keyword ranking query, Baidu indexing query, etc., as well as friendly links and dead links can be checked, etc.

Baidu promotion

If I take a medicine that I cannot stop, should I take it or not?

Baidu webmaster

Baidu webmasterIt used to be, but later changed to You can view website information, index volume, crawling frequency, website speed, etc. through Baidu, but 360 and Sogou still use zhanzhang.s0. com etc.

Baidu Statistics

Through Baidu statistics (there is still js code loading delay problem after testing), or other statistical tools, such as Umeng, Miaozhen, etc., can monitor the visitors of the website to monitor the user activities of the website, we recommend using Tencent on the mobile phone Statistics to better deal with the mobile terminal and Tencent applet;

Tencent Statistics: SEO external chain construction may be used to the platform

Website Construction Compliance Tools

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the record:

(Tool description: Regular enterprises will put their servers in China, only domestic servers can be filed, and only after filing can be accessed; because the information filed on the website involves the subject of website operation and maintenance and the main information of the company, that is to say, what is the matter? , generally cannot run. Irregular enterprises, such as gray industries, etc., are generally placed abroad and can be accessed without filing. In addition, if you want to do online shopping mall transactions and have online payment services, you must file domestic records and require ICP business licenses (see "" for details).)

Public security record:

(Tool description: I have communicated with the Internet police and learned that the Ministry of Public Security is in charge of the content. I communicated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to get feedback. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s ICP filing is the “ID card” of the website. Now, after the ICP filing or receiving a reminder, the public security filing must be completed within 30 days. )

Price: Free

Operation Guide for the Filing of Internet Site Security Service Platforms of National Public Security Organs

List of materials received for security inspection of Internet information services

Google SEO Tools

You may need Hong Kong server operation to access some overseas websites.


Lighthouse is an online review network application provided by Google. Currently, it provides the measurement results of 5 optimized related indicators, and the instant feedback results let you know the simple situation of the current website.

Chrome direct installation link:


TestMySite is also an online website testing service provided by Google. This website review tool mainly provides two optimization indicators.

Page Speed ​​Insights can be said to be Google's most powerful and easy-to-use SEO tool for website speed testing.This online service will not only tell you the current site's score for both the mobile and desktop versions, but also tell you what each of these two devices is missing, and how to do it improve these shortcomings.

Google Analytics Google Analytics:

Google Trends Google Index / Trend Analysis:

Google SEO tool, analyze the data of the website and teach you how to optimize the website

Website Diagnostics SEO Tool,

Website Analysis Monitoring Tool,

External link keyword analysis monitoring tool,

SEO keyword analysis monitoring tool,

Graphic Design Tool

Figure monster:

(Tool description: Picture Monster Drawing Artifact is an online ps picture editor, it is equivalent to ps lite software, it can provide WeChat editor functions, online ps photo processing, puzzles, picture making, online design, graphic design, posters Design, online picture processing and other functions. Picture monsters do not require human processing and are easy to use. This online picture editing software makes it easier to design poster template pictures and helps enterprises to lower the cost of visual marketing)

Maker Post:

(Tool description: MakerPost focuses on online design of picture templates, online printing of advertising design. The platform provides 63 types of scene picture design templates, one-click generation, online editing. Designs include business cards, posters, ppt, invitations, greeting cards, leaflets, Social media pictures such as display racks, public account tweet pictures, etc.)


(Tool description: image download, similar to

Image-to-text conversion video tool

Baidu AI:

(Tool description: Baidu Brain Intelligent Cloud Creation Platform can directly generate videos from links such as WeChat public accounts and Baijia accounts. Its functions are generally not bad. It is relatively accurate for speech recognition. Some platform articles convert text in videos Those involving polyphonic characters may often mispronounce without understanding the semantics. Therefore, from the perspective of semantic recognition, Baidu is OK, that is, Baidu charges on a monthly basis, not by volume or year. Still too high for the occasional need.)

One frame per second:

(Tool description: recommended from elsewhere, not yet used, as a backup, try it later.)

Brand Design Tools


(Tool description: ZCOOL, an interactive platform for Chinese designers. After 650 years of deep cultivation in the design field, ZCOOL has gathered XNUMX million designers, photographers, illustrators, artists, and creative people. Among the design creative groups, there are high influence and appeal.)


(Tool description: ( is a website that focuses on downloading genuine picture design materials! Provide vector material, background picture material, vector library, psd material, font template, design material, PPT template, video material , illustration painting, graphic design templates, Excel template materials, and download services for web templates, website design materials, and web icons.)

Redocn China:

(Tool description: is a well-known professional design material service platform in China. It has design material download, customization and other services, which brings great convenience to designers, design companies, and printing companies. Maybe the red picture is more prominent. )

Ink knife

(Tool description: Moknife is a professional, reliable, concise, and easy-to-understand online product prototyping tool and a collaboration platform for product design teams. Using Moknife prototyping and collaboration tools, you can achieve page interactive jumps by simply dragging and dropping. The key preview can also quickly complete the prototype design draft and improve the efficiency of team collaboration management. It is a work tool used by 140 million product managers and designers.)

Other design tools related to the ink knife are: Axure, Sketch, PS, C4D

Mark Eel

(Tool description: Mark Eel – design draft annotation and measurement tool; click the mouse to start, loosen it to end, and automatically measure the data during the movement.)

Event promotion / investment promotion H5 production tool

Easy Qixiu

(Tool description: Yiqixiu creative marketing platform provides free H5 micro-scenes, posters, long pictures, forms, videos, interactive games, website building, small programs and eight production tools and Xiutui intelligent marketing platform to help enterprises efficiently complete content creation and dissemination Self-marketing closed loop of customer acquisition, data management, and effect conversion.)


Rabbit Show:

(Tool description: Rabbitpre focuses on the realization of H5 technology. It is an intelligent professional production platform for WeChat H5 pages, micro-scenarios, templates, short videos, WeChat invitations, and scene applications. It allows you to make cool like PPT. mobile display.)

Brand Marketing Promotion and Monitoring Tools

(Tool description: cross-media advertising monitoring database, news monitoring platform, etc. On the basis of standardized data products, we provide customers with targeted customized services, including competitive brand advertising monitoring services for the marketing department, and public relations communication for the public relations department. monitoring, and strategic information monitoring services for the strategic research sector)

Baidu Marketing:

(Tool description: I often see search words about marketing, brand marketing, Baidu Quick Ranking, SEO, SEM, etc., and you can see Baidu's own bidding ranking. Is it free anyway? This page is the service introduction of Baidu Marketing. It is often referred to as Baidu advertising.)

Other tools

Beijing Housing Provident Fund Management Center:

Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau:

Beijing Talent Work Network (Work and Residence Permit - Right Unit/Individual Entry):

National Enterprise Information Publicity System (Annual Report/Address):

Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation:

Beijing Enterprise Service e-window platform (new enterprise social security):

Beijing Administration for Market Regulation (download the articles of association):

High-tech Enterprise Certification Technology Enterprise Certification (Ministry of Science and Technology):

China Trademark Network Online Service System:

Industrial Informatization Government Service Platform:

Beijing Communications Administration-icp telecom value-added business licenseApplication:

National Enterprise Information Credit Inquiry:

National Organization Unified Social Credit Code Publicity Inquiry Platform

Tianyancha-Enterprise Information Query Platform:

Alibaba Cloud Error Report:

Webmaster Tools Domain Name Transcoding:

Image Gallery:

Shanghai Cooperation Organization Regional Economic Cooperation Network:

Gazelle Cloud - Gazelle Enterprise List:

Baidu Billboard:

Dead link query:

links checker:

Baidu NLP API application:

MBA Think Tank Encyclopedia:


Online Article Infringement Complaint Removal Template Tool

Attachment: Demonstration format issued by the National Copyright Administration:
1,Notice to remove or unlink infringing web content(Example Format)
2. Instructions for filling in the notice requiring deletion or disconnection of infringing network content
3. Instructions for filling in the request to restore the deleted or disconnected network content

The website of Attachment 1 is:
The website of Attachment 2 is:
The website of Attachment 3 is:

The above URL has been modified, please search by yourself. If there is no download link, please click the above link to download.

This page and this column will be continuously updated, so stay tuned

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