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Brand-related encyclopedia knowledge

Including definitions in Baidu Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and MBA Encyclopedia.

Brand basic concept
  • Brands
  • Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • brand logo
  • brand name
  • Brand Culture
Brand category
  • Regional brand
  • International brand
  • short term brand
  • long term brand
  • Domestic brand
  • export brand
Brand Development
  • brand name
  • brand creation
  • brand growth
  • brand life cycle
  • Brand premium
  • brand aging
  • Brand Positioning
  • brand design
  • Brand Building
  • Brand Marketing
  • brand maintenance
  • Brand competition
Encyclopedia knowledge of marketing and business management

Including definitions in Baidu Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, and MBA Encyclopedia.

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AB test

sales funnel

Government Relations

Equity related knowledge

Some people say that whoever owns the equity wins the world, that's a joke.However, it is beneficial to understand the legal points of equity and the application skills of equity.

1. 5 sets of equity incentive plan designs

2. 5 sets of equity distribution plans

3. 5 sets of equity investment cooperation agreements

4. 5 sets of company stock cooperation agreements

5. 5 sets of the company's capital increase and share expansion agreement

6. 5 sets of equity top-level design schemes

7. 5 sets of equity structure design for start-up companies

8. 10 sets of top business model writing schemes

9. 10 sets of business model plan templates

10. 5 sets of performance appraisal programs

11. Equity entry and exit mechanism

12. 19 sets of equity acquisition plans

13. 5 sets of equity financing plans

14. 5 sets of investment agreement

15. 5 sets of equity donation agreements

16. 5 sets of equity subscription agreements

17. 5 sets of equity investment agreement

18. 5 sets of company articles of association

19. 20 sets of equity design plans

20. 30 sets of equity transfer plans

Knowledge about business management

Business Business, with the purpose of making money and making profits, with the purpose of promoting social contribution, with the basic principle of abiding by business ethics, this column is provided free of charge, and some learning materials are provided for learning only, mainly including: English translation and English translation of Harvard Business School management courses Original documents, translations of large enterprise project management documents, original documents and downloads of various business management documents in the investment and financing circles.

01. Budget management

02. Commercial project development

03. Project plan development

04. Career management

05. Coach

06. Change management

07. Crisis Management

08. Focus on customers

09. Decision

10. Authorization

11. Employee development

12. Conflict management

13. Fired employees

14. Diversity

15. Professional ethics

16. Elements of feedback

17. Elements of Finance

18. International Cooperation

19. Target Design

20. Recruitment

21. Innovation and Creation

22. Innovative implementation

23. Dismissal of employees

24. Manage superiors

25. Elements of Marketing

26. Meeting management

27. Negotiation

28. A new manager takes office

29. Performance Rewards

30. Performance Evaluation

31. Persuade others

32. Presentation skills

33. Process Improvement

34. Project Management

35. Strategic Thinking

36. Strategy execution

37. Stress management

38. Team Leadership

39. Team management

40. Time management

41. Virtual teams

42. Writing Skills

43. Leadership

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