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The XNUMXrd China Brand Conference SME brand release

A brand is a concentrated expression of the competitive strength and development potential of an enterprise, a region, and even a country.General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to brand building, emphasizing "to promote the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and Chinese products to Chinese brands".The China Brand Conference is an important platform to implement the relevant brand strategy deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, promote the strategy of brand power, spread the story of Chinese brands, and improve brand influence.

The 2019rd China Brand Conference is scheduled to be held in Beijing on November 11, 16, with the theme: Magnificent 70 Years of Struggle for a New Era, Promoting Entrepreneurship, Elevating City Brands, and Moving towards a Brand Power.During the period, the 2019 China SME Brand Top 70 List Release Ceremony and Entrepreneurship Annual Commendation Event, the release of the Golden Mastiff Award at the 70rd China Brand Conference, the XNUMX-year XNUMX-series brand tour selection event and the five-year enterprise support plan for the brand power strategy, National Credit Brand City Forum and other activities.

At that time, relevant national leaders, leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, experts and entrepreneurs will be invited to attend the conference to witness the power of Chinese brands through various forms such as the opening ceremony, ministerial and mayor brand talk, special brand promotion, glory ceremony, and joint media publicity. , to enhance the value and influence of Chinese brands.


XNUMX. Meeting time:2019年11月16—17日(15日报到)

XNUMX. Venue:Beijing Convention Center, Chinese Royal Cuisine Museum

XNUMX. Organization

Organizer: Innovation and Brand Committee of China Marketing Society

Institute of Enterprise Management Innovation, Chinese Academy of Management Sciences

Credit Academic Committee of China Marketing Society

Beijing Institute of Journalism and Culture

Think Tank Support: United Nations World Tourism Organization

PATA China Expert Committee

Beijing Pier Think Tank

De'Angel Global Consulting Think Tank

China New Think Tank 50 Forum

China Urban Commercial Credit Environment Index Research Group

Co-organizer: China Urban Brand Research Institute

China Entrepreneurship Research Center

Co-organizer: Beijing Enterprise Alliance Standard Brand Management Center

Beijing Innovation Central Management Consulting Center


XNUMX. Agenda of the conference

时间 Agenda
15th all day meeting registration

Magnificent 70 Years of Struggle New Era 70 Years 70 Series Corporate Brand Culture Exhibition

16th morning

Beijing Convention Center

The XNUMXrd China Brand Conference
Ø All the representatives took a group photo

Ø Introduce relevant leaders, ministries and dignitaries attending the conference

Ø Ceremony of the Chief Executive

Ø Leader speeches, guest speeches

Ø The launching ceremony of the 70-year 70-series brand and the five-year support plan for the brand power strategy

Ø Appointment Ceremony of Chairman of Brand Cluster Alliance (Industry)

Ø Ministers talk about brands: leaders of relevant ministries and commissions talked about brand power strategy and corporate brand policy support to promote the rise of Chinese brand groups

Ø 70 series of brand sharing: with the theme of celebrating the 70th birthday of the Republic, show the brilliant achievements of Chinese enterprises (city) brand development, spread Chinese brand stories, and share brand building experience

16th afternoon

Chinese Royal Cuisine


2019Annual Ceremony of Chinese Entrepreneurship and National Credit Brand City Forum
Opening ceremony Ø Introduce relevant leaders, leaders of ministries and enterprises who attended the event

VIP businessman

Ø Ceremony of the Chief Minister's Ceremony

Ø Speeches by leaders, mayors and entrepreneurs

Ø Awarded the 2019 China Entrepreneurship Annual Tribute Award

Ø The release ceremony of the top XNUMX Chinese SME brands

Ø China City Commercial Credit Environment Index (CEI) Ranking

Peak dialogue Mayor, Entrepreneur Dialogue Entrepreneurship and Brand Strategy

Diplomats, Entrepreneurs Dialogue with Chinese Brands

Mayor's release The Mayor (Director of Investment Promotion) shared and released the city's business environment, credit brand building and double recruitment and double introduction policy


Outstanding entrepreneurs give speeches on brand building, entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, etc.
Brand value enterprise special sharing
All-round display and sharing of brand building, brand value, resource docking, etc.
16th night

Chinese Royal Cuisine


Brand Grand Ceremony
1. The Golden Mastiff Award Ceremony of the XNUMXrd China Brand Conference

2. "70 Years 70 Series Brands" Outstanding Entrepreneurs and Brand Commendation Activities

3. 2019 China's Top XNUMX Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Brands and Top XNUMX Industry Lists released

16th all day Media joint interviews and publicity
People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, CCTV, Xinhuanet, China Central Broadcasting Network, China Economic Net, Beijing TV and other major news media will be invited to attend this conference and interview the representatives of outstanding entrepreneurs.
Ask the entrepreneurial brand soul
The conference will organize well-known financial reporters and experts to conduct in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs on brand building, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, etc., and implement precise new media communication
17th morning Service Industry Project Joint Release Matchmaking Meeting
The conference selects service industries with broad market prospects for project promotion, such as mobile Internet, enterprise-level services, medical and health care, education and training, elderly care and home economics, cultural tourism, sports and other emerging service fields
2019China New Think Tank 50 Forum Brand Experts and Entrepreneurs Joint Meeting
Exchange and discuss on corporate brand building, brand positioning, brand strategy, brand marketing, etc., and issue letters of appointment
17th afternoon VIPVIP exclusive activities
1. Visit the brand enterprise, experience the wise thinking and advanced mode of the brand enterprise, feel the charm and power of the brand
2. Beijing Wharf Think Tank Holds SME Think Tank 2019 Summit

3. Special training for spokespersons of Chinese private enterprises at Beijing Dock Business School

This special training is jointly sponsored by the Institute of Enterprise Management Innovation of the China Academy of Management Sciences and the Beijing Dock Think Tank. Key personnel of private enterprise news and publicity with strong skills and strong theoretical and practical skills

Five, 70 years 70 series brand tour selection activities

Magnificent 70 years of struggle for a new era, building a brand power, and marching towards a brand power.In order to discover the entrepreneurs who have contributed to my country's brand power strategy since the founding of New China 70 years ago, the "70 Years 70 Series Brand Tour" selection activity will be carried out, and awards will be given according to industry fields.Participating companies please fill in the "Declaration Form" as required to participate in the evaluation.

1. Selected items:

(1) "70 Years 70 Series" Brand Development Achievement Award, Innovation Award, New Talent Award

(2) "70 years 70 series" brand new (model, pioneer), ingenuity brand

(3) "70 years 70 series" (industry, regional) brand leader (merit, innovation) figures

(4) 2019 Brand China Contributors, 2019 Brand China (Industry, Region) Top Ten Entrepreneurs, 2019 China Entrepreneurship Golden Mastiff Award

2. Commendation objects: outstanding enterprises and principals of corporations registered in my country's industrial and commercial departments in accordance with the law, with the status of legal persons, including outstanding corporate principals who hold the positions of chairman, CEO, president, general manager, etc.; Pay taxes, perform contracts with Cigna, have harmonious labor relations, and have a good reputation record. In recent years, there have been no major environmental, quality, safety incidents and untrustworthy incidents related to enterprises; well-known entrepreneurs, culture, art and sports circles who have made outstanding contributions to promoting brand building. social person.

3. Commendation and publicity: Grand Commendation will be given at the XNUMXrd China Brand Conference; special display and publicity reports on relevant deeds will be carried out through the media coverage square.

4. Promotion form: recommended by relevant government departments, associations, mainstream media, etc., specially nominated by the secretariat of the review committee, and self-reported by enterprises and individuals.

5. Promotion process: nomination (recommended application) - review and finalist - expert review - comprehensive review - joint promotion and media promotion

6. Data Submission: Before November 2019, 11, submit the "Declaration Form" in duplicate and provide the electronic version. The contents of the declaration form must be complete and true.The application materials of the unit should be stamped with the official seal.Individual application materials need to be reviewed and stamped by the unit.The applicant, recommender or recommending unit shall be responsible for the authenticity of the declaration and recommendation content.Anyone who provides false materials, data, or participates in the application by other improper means will be revoked the application and participation qualifications once verified.

2019. XNUMX Top XNUMX Chinese SME Brands

The conference will conduct investigation, research and analysis reports on the actual situation of brand building, brand development, brand value, brand management and brand innovation of my country's small and medium-sized enterprises. The data evaluation and analysis of the brand expert team and the results of online voting have launched the top XNUMX Chinese SME brands and the top ten in the industry.

XNUMX. Brand cluster alliance

In order to exert the brand influence, the conference will establish a "brand cluster alliance", adhering to the concept of "co-construction and sharing, win-win cooperation and coordinated development", to form a national, industrial, open and non-profit new social cooperation organization.Strengthen and promote regional, cluster, enterprise, industry and other resources and project cooperation by building alliance sharing platform and cooperation mechanism; build alliance's diversified market brand promotion channels and platforms; provide brands, culture, products and technologies for enterprises in various industries Publicity and promotion of good strategies and business opportunities; establish a healthy market competition and cooperation mechanism, expand the international and domestic market scale and brand influence, and provide policy advice and strategic consulting for important decisions of the state, local governments and enterprises.Excellent entrepreneurs will be selected according to different industries to serve as the chairman of the alliance.

XNUMX. Five-year enterprise support plan for brand power strategy

In response to the national strategy of brand power, serve the brand strategy, strengthen national brand awareness, and actively contribute to building a well-known Chinese brand, shaping Chinese brand culture, and building a brand power, the conference will launch a five-year enterprise support plan for the brand power strategy. Laboratories, resource introduction, project docking, platform selection, media publicity, etc., focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to build and implement brand strategies, and contribute to the spread of Chinese brand value and the enhancement of Chinese brand strength.

XNUMX. "Discover the beauty of private enterprises and observe the brand value" tour

"Discover the beauty of private enterprises and observe brand value" is organized by Beijing News and Culture Research Institute, Beijing Dock Think Tank, Ucommune, Discovery Magazine, Management Observation Magazine and other institutions, and integrates various forms of domestic mainstream media to jointly plan and launch media assistance Support plan for large-scale private enterprises in the private economy.This support plan will be an important way for private enterprises to use the media to seek development and breakthroughs. Before the meeting, private enterprises will go deep into the private enterprises and start the micro-video shooting of "The Beauty of Private Enterprises".

XNUMX. China SME Brand Cultivation Project

The aim is to focus on cultivating SME brands through strategic support, think tank support, targeted cultivation, efficient integration, resource introduction, publicity, brand management and other methods, and make due contributions to the brand development of SMEs and private enterprises.

50. Expert selection for the XNUMX-person Forum of China's New Think Tanks

The China New Think Tank 50 Forum was initiated and established by the Institute of Enterprise Management Innovation of the China Academy of Management Sciences. It will select entrepreneurs to participate in the four fields of new kinetic energy, new industry, new business form and new model.It is planned to set up three levels of chief experts, researchers and specially-appointed experts. Under the service concept of "based on China, looking at the world, combining production and research, serving the industry, and contributing to Chinese wisdom", it will carry out international academic exchanges and promotion activities, so as to serve China in the new era. Contribute to the construction of enterprise innovation think tanks.

XNUMX. Enterprise credit rating evaluation activities

Executing unit: Credit Work Committee of China Marketing Society

Selection process: All companies that meet the requirements are rated through preliminary evaluation, expert review, media publicity and other stages. For companies that have obtained corporate credit ratings, they will be issued with a unified design style and a unified number. Execution) plaque and certificate of "Credit Enterprise".For enterprises that have passed the evaluation and have reached grade A or above, they can be publicized on the China Market Credit Enterprise Network and the bidding information release website "China Bidding and Bidding Network" designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for all relevant agencies to query and use.

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