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Marketing skills to reveal the successful marketing case of camel milk powder

Marketing Tips to Unveil Camel Milk Powder's Successful Marketing Case - But It's Doomed!

A successful marketing case leads to failure?It does sound puzzling, so this article will explain the best examples of network marketing, the marketing techniques used, and the reasons why it is destined to be a short-term cash-out speculation and a customer who is fooled and cannot recover their losses.

Camel milk powder network marketing case

At present, I still have the team members of this camel milk powder marketing case on my mobile phone, and now I will reveal the marketing methods used in their "successful" case:

First of all, find the "target" users, and put a large number of advertisements through online marketing. Most of these advertisements are information flow advertisements, rather than search engine keyword advertisements. The main reason is that their customers do not have direct needs, but through " "Title Party" and "fresh" curiosity, capture the hearts of customers and urge them to click.If you click, it's a huge success, because their target audience is the cheap and uncontrollable.

Secondly, let the target users feel that they are taking advantage of it. Through the "advantage" of price, the user's attention will be locked, and the mobile phone users will have time and "interest" (human nature's greed for cheap) to see in detail what this is and whether to want it or not. Buy.

Then, to prove that the product’s solution is effective, saying that camel milk powder makes people live longer, and looking for various materials on the Internet, in fact, their materials are inconsistent. For example, he found a celebrity endorsement, but the celebrity endorsement was not them. , For example, China has promoted the 5G network, then you should buy his mobile phone, and this mobile phone is not Huawei, but Huangmi, because the name seems to be a relative of Xiaomi, not, in fact, it is Shangzhai , the camel milk powder.

Finally, conversion, one is through promotions, making you feel that if you don’t buy, you will miss the “opportunity” to take advantage.Promotional assistance 10, through the method of down payment of 99.99% and then pay the final payment after arrival, and these things, you have no ability to verify the product, XNUMX% will pay the final payment after arrival; Promotional assistance XNUMX, find a few rural people to record it Videos can be found for a few hundred dollars, and so are videos such as Zhao Zhongxiang. . . (Zhao Zhongxiang has brokers for orders, and companies generally have guarantees), so this money is not all money for these organizations.

Herd mentality: You see that everyone else has bought it, why don't you buy it?

The actual heart: You see that everyone else has been fooled, and the next one is you!Hey-hey.

Internet Marketing Case Study:Why does this make money?

1. Advertising costs belong to the information flow, such exposure is very cheap, and a click is only a few cents; it is worthwhile to use a few cents to exchange a few thousand dollars in sales through a series of marketing methods;

2. There is no guarantee for the product at all. After communicating with them, I learned about the manufacturers they mentioned, and the result after direct communication with the manufacturers: "We do not make camel milk powder, but only milk and horse milk. How many camels are there in total? It's fake...Thank you very much for providing us with such information..." Sorry, the production company of the product you bought does not manufacture this product;

3. The website is bought with heart, the project is started in a month, and the junk website is built, and the website is just a junk template station of 500-2000;

4. The brand is also fake, and the company does not exist. There are only a few people who you can't contact and are doing business with you.

Brand marketing peers exchanged the case: "This is normal. I have been in the marketing business for a long time, and I don't know what to buy, and what else can't be faked?"

How should brand marketing be done?

The real brand marketing is a protracted battle and a business behavior that conforms to the rules. Once it is found that this operation violates the business ethics, there will be problems in the process of cooperation sooner or later.

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