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The whole case of the optimization of negative public opinion and the output of positive word-of-mouth on the whole network

Negative public opinion optimization and positive word-of-mouth output on the whole networkThere are not many full-case technical teams in the market.米国生活It is one of the more advanced ones, not to mention No.1 to avoid conflicts with the advertising law.

For more information on public opinion optimization cases, please refer to:Brand optimization solutions and cases

米国生活The customers with the most negative services may be direct sales customers. I wonder how many negatives your company has?

Let’s first introduce the reasons for the negative public opinion:

1. Competitor attack

2. The customer is injured and fights back

3. Customers buy network technology to attack

4. Hire navy to attack

5. Partners fight back

6. The business philosophy is wrong, and it is inevitable to be attacked after misappropriating money

7. Lack of enterprise management and management capabilities, and the ability to cope with risks cannot keep up

In any case, companies that want to be negatively suppressed or companies and brands that want to operate for a long time are not short-term money-making types. Therefore, the demand for negative public opinion suppression and positive word-of-mouth output can be satisfied by the technical team.

The brand optimizes the demand and pressure, which is greater than the pressure of the new brand (this is the case when the new brand has no brand word conflict. When there is a brand word conflict, it may be cheaper to replace the brand word.)

Negative public opinion on the whole networkScenarios where suppression optimization occurs:

A large number of search engine pull-downs, a large number of related searches, recommended for you, the first page and even the first three pages of negative entries, news/information section pages with many negative reports, a large number of blogs, know Q&A, post bars, and even encyclopedias, high-weight forums, self Media platforms, third-party high-authority platforms (rented by black-hat SEO), snapshot hijacking (black-hat SEO technical attacks), legal information platforms such as Zoufawang (high-weight website irrigation), Chinese supplier search, competitor SEO optimization, peers scolding you (falling into trouble) and so on.

The above negative public opinion, including but not limited to,米国生活All have mature response plans and practical experience.

Negative public opinion optimization introduction detailed page is under construction, if you are eager to cooperate, you can contact customer service first.

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