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How to increase the voice of the company's own brand?

The company has not communicated since its inception, wondering how to increase the voice of the company's brand?

How to increase the brand voice is specific to the target, for example, in the process of specifying the strategy, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of the stage, such as to promote sales or increase the voice of the current network to increase brand awareness orPR?Secondly, it is necessary to clarify the goals of the stage, such as how many fans reach and how many clicks...

4P-BOO-brand volume-brand reputation-brand funnel

In short, what isbrand voice, which is the user attention, media attention, and self-media spread of your corporate brand. In the industry, what have your customers heard? The most beautiful voice should be like a couple. You make a voice, and it happens that he is comfortable. Receive it, then consume it...and, the more couples you like, the better, but you can't be abusive, just focus.

Through Nike, we take a look at the increase in the brand's voice:

Brand management depends not only on popularity, but on the volume of sound accumulated over a long period of time

The reason why Nike can continuously create new business peaks and occupy the status of "trend brand" is not only from "popular" advertisements or marketing activities, but because the content of Nike's large and small marketing promotions is consistent every time.From the selection of spokespersons to advertising slogans, Nike has built a platform that encourages people to challenge themselves and overcome difficulties.Brand.Over time, it will accumulate into consumers' brand awareness of Nike, creatingBrand​​The positioning and image it has today.

In this marketing video, Nike tells the tear-jerking stories of athletes from all over the world chasing their dreams, and uses the image of Kaepernick himself choosing "justice" and sacrificing his career as a powerful ending - "A dream is only crazy until you do it. Just do it.” The foundation of this success was built on Nike’s long history of operating, both inside and outside the company.PromotionOfbrand spirit, and from the perspective of current affairs, it has become the ability to deeply root the brand spirit in the hearts of target consumers.

It is difficult to create long-term benefits by choosing a brand marketing strategy that speaks for popular issues just to "follow the trend" or enhance brand marketing effectiveness.If you have not cultivated the brand spirit or image for a long time, and suddenly come up with a statement that has little relevance to the brand, it will easily be seen by consumers and reduce their trust in the brand.

Brand marketing can create the greatest value, not from promoting product features

Nike has a world-class product development team, but why does the content of brand marketing seem to focus more on promoting its brand spirit rather than emphasizing the quality and function of the product?

A 2018 study of global consumers showed that more than half of consumers would buy or boycott a brand’s products because of the social values ​​the brand represents, a 2017% increase compared to the same period in 13.Among mainland respondents, 78% said that brand values ​​have a significant impact on the purchasing decision process.This means that marketing content that only talks about product functions and advantages can no longer attract the attention of most consumers. Instead, marketing content that focuses on communicating brand values ​​can arouse consumers’ desire to buy and brand loyalty.

In the marketing campaign, Nike started with Kaepernick as his commitment to "racial justice". Kaepernick ended his professional American football career early because of his public support for social movement issues.

"Believe in something. Even if it means sacrifice everything.keep in faith, even if it means you have to sacrifice everything. "

This success is not only based on Nike's use of topics to interpret the brand spirit of "Just Do It", but also reflects Nike's understanding of how to cleverly keep up with changes in global consumer behavior and lead global brand trends.

Know how to choose, in order to deeply impress the hearts of target customers

In order to cater to the opinions and preferences of the public, many brands adopt a neutral tone and publicity method in all brand marketing content, but lose the opportunity to highlight the brand characteristics.It was originally thought that a neutral, happy-go-lucky strategy would increase marketing effectiveness, but this approach turned out to be the reason why it failed to attract consumers' trust and attention.Trying to please everyone who might have spending power will only create a vague brand image.If you want to become a successful brand, you must know how to "focus" your brand on the preferences and needs of your target customers, and use your own brand appeal to win the favor of your target customers.

Before the announcement, the Nike marketing team had anticipated that this marketing tactic would cause a negative reaction from conservatives and even lose some customers, but the team clearly understood the liberal millennials and Gen Z living in American cities. , is the target consumer of Nike's marketing team, and they are generally very sympathetic and supportive of Kaepernick's audience. Of course Nike can choose a seemingly perfect and well-loved celebrity as its spokesperson and continue to be a popular sports brand, but Nike also recognizes that if the brand really wants to impress the core customer base, it doesn’t matter whether it will offend the target audience or not. people need to make bolder decisions.

In the era of internet celebrities,Brand MarketingIt is easy to fall into the trap of "popularity".Investing a lot of resources in order to "popularize", but did not think of long-term goals, but lost the opportunity to let consumers know the brand in depth.Getting the attention of the market and consumers is important, but the real winner must have a long-term perspective.

  1. What is the purpose of brand marketing?
  2. Does the brand marketing content reflect the brand ethos or values?
  3. Really understand your target audience and make them the core consideration of your brand marketing plan?

Use the above three key points to review the brand marketing plan and create the brand marketing content that deeply rooted in the heart!

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