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Do only Midea and Mengniu need brand marketing?

Everyone knows that there is a kind of milk called Telunsu, and Telunsu is Mengniu Telunsu, a well-known dairy product brand. "Telensu" comes from Mongolian and means "golden milk".The emergence of Telunsu is the brand regeneration of small brands, and it is the process of small brand start-ups doing brand marketing.

Five characteristics of brand marketing

If the improvement of product value by concept marketing is always lingering, then brand marketing is a real performance.The latest issue of the US "Business Week" published a list of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. Coca-Cola topped the list with a brand value of US$689.5 billion, which fully demonstrates the direct economic benefits that the implementation of brand strategy can bring. .The problem now is that people's lives have entered an information-based space. For pharmaceutical companies, the homogeneity of products and the many restrictions on advertising make countless so-called "brand" information bombard patients frequently.How to make consumers discover and be optimistic about their own brands in this cluttered sea of ​​information is indeed an important issue for every enterprise.

In a general sense, product competition goes throughYield competition,quality competition,price competition,service competitionWhen it comes to brand competition, the competition in the first four aspects is actually the early stage of brand marketing, and of course it is also the basis of brand competition.From this perspective, to do a good job in brand marketing, the following five aspects should not be taken lightly.

  Quality First

For any product, the long-lasting and vigorous vitality comes from stable and reliable quality.Medicines are special products that can cure diseases and save lives, and consumers have high expectations for their quality (efficacy), which leads to high brand loyalty and abandonment rates.Once a patient recognizes a drug, its purchase and use behavior may be long-term, such as the well-known traditional brands with a long history such as safflower oil and Po Chai pills.on the contrary,Even if there is only one failure experience, the patient is likely to "put it in another book and never use it".

  Integrity first

People can't stand without faith, and by the same token,Brands lose their integrity and will not go far.Why do the brand images of Tongrentang, Huqingyutang and Jiuzhitang endure for a long time?Why did the three trees, giants, and sun gods that were once very popular only lead the way for three or five years each?In addition to factors such as product market attributes and life cycle, the more important reason is that the former relies on down-to-earth and honesty, while the latter relies on flashy advertising boasting and virtual concept hype.Time is the yardstick for testing integrity.For a long time, we can often hear the good talk about products such as Tongrentang and Jiuzhitang, and the famous drugs (health products) that rely on speculation, in addition to their self-proclaimed "curative effect", will inevitably end up being consumed by consumers. The ending of abandoning it like a dude, and some even suffered a lawsuit because of the inaccurate curative effect, and finally lost Maicheng.

  Positioning accuracy

The famous marketing guru Philip Kotler once said: market positioning is the soul of the entire marketing.Indeed, a characteristic of successful brands is that they connect the function of the brand with the psychological needs of consumers in a consistent form, and can accurately convey the information of brand positioning to consumers.For example, for the same cold medicine, due to different market positioning, those with higher economic income may first think of white and black, while those with more financial constraints may first think of Suxiao Ganmao Capsules or Ganmaotong Tablets; A wealthy middle-aged man who cares for his wife and strives for a little romantic atmosphere will generally not forget to buy a few boxes of his wife's oral liquid in addition to jewelry and clothing.This is the effect of these brands with consistent positioning and accurate, relevant and appropriate expressions of appeal.

Market positioning is not about taking any action on the product itself, but a creative thinking activity on existing products, and taking action on the psychology of potential consumers.Therefore, it is a key link in brand marketing to extract the most attractive competitive advantage for the target group, convey it to consumers through certain means, and then convert it into the psychological understanding of consumers.

  distinct personality

A real brand drug will never cure all diseases, it is suitable for everyone, and the curative effect is absolute.Just as jeeps are suitable for off-road vehicles, sedans are suitable for smooth roads, and racing cars are suitable for sports competitions, the efficacy appeal and target targeting of drugs must be single and accurate on the basis of fully reflecting the unique personality.Single can win the relatively stable loyalty and specific preference of the target group; accurate can improve the integrity index and become the fulcrum of brand marketing.

We often see "good taste", "good curative effect", "high quality" and other advertising demand language, which is not a language of personality at all, and naturally it is impossible to accurately describe the personality of the brand.And such as "eat white tablets during the day, don't fall asleep; eat black tablets at night, sleep soundly." "Oral ulcers, one sticker is OK!" "ke cough, the whole family is in a good mood." It is easy to be recognized by consumers, and the brand image is quickly established along with these catchy advertising slogans.

  cleverly spread

Schultz, who is known as the pioneer of integrated marketing communication, said: In the homogeneous market competition, only communication can create a differentiated brand competitive advantage.Compared with other products, the phenomenon of homogeneity of pharmaceutical products is particularly prominent.In the 80s, simple advertising communication was enough to build a brand; in the 90s, the overwhelming advertising investment could also support a brand; today, the creation of a brand is far from simple, except that it requires In addition to the above four aspects as a solid foundation, many aspects such as unique product design, excellent advertising creativity, reasonable expression, appropriate media, optimal investment timing, and perfect promotion mix are all inseparable.At the same time, the market communication of pharmaceutical products must also consider its continuity and comprehensiveness.Why is it that companies like Feilong and Sanzhu have tried their best to spread the word, but in the end they are all empty?The main reason is that the product or idea is weak and cannot support the continuity of its dissemination.Why are some products of many small and medium-sized enterprises really good but difficult to impress more consumers?The main reason is that the marketing planning lacks a thorough integration of ideas, and naturally it cannot fully receive the effect of market communication.


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