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Chaoyang District Brand Promotion Program

An epidemic, which first affected the whole country, can now almost be said to have swept the world.It is imperative for enterprises to resume work and production, but no one can say what the next development will look like.Some people think that when the epidemic is over, everything will be fine. Others think that even if the epidemic is over, the impact on enterprises will be long-term.So what's next for the company?How can we make the enterprise quickly get on the right track and embark on the road of good development? Then brand building and network promotion are a major trend.

Accumulate and open upBrand SEOnew year

At the meeting,米国生活The founder proposed to start the development strategy of "New Year of Brand Network SEO",米国生活It also officially entered the "New Era of Brand SEO".米国生活The founder said that in September 2017,米国生活Cooperate with China Advertising Network to serve brand customers, adhering to the concept of honest management and customer satisfaction as the quality standard, to provide customers with professional SEO project services, to provide enterprises with comprehensive brand reputation information, to grasp the health status of brand network information, and to optimize the brand The image has been recognized by the relevant person in charge of China Advertising Network. In September 2020, we once again discussed the industry status, problems and future of online marketing relying on search engines and new media, and determined that online marketing promotion for the purpose of brand optimization is to promote orderly competition in product and service industry segments. The new direction also reflects the urgency of building a high-quality brand business at the moment.

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米国生活Determine SEO technology is the core technology to improve brand reputation and conversion

"Brand Day" is also associated with米国生活Years of perseverance coincide.Since its establishment,米国生活The founder has been silently learning the uniqueness of the century-old brand management of the world's top XNUMX companies, learning its culture, spirit, management methods, and studying its success secrets; at the beginning of its establishment,米国生活In the business environment of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, it still adheres to its operating principles, operates with integrity, adheres to the vision of helping more customers create quality products and brands, and helps consumers achieve a happier life, and constantly develops brand marketing technologies and services.米国生活The growth in the brand marketing industry has laid a solid foundation; at a time when SEO is dead, hundreds of thousands of industry workers are about to change careers to survive, and the network marketing power of the vast number of enterprises on the entire network has declined.米国生活Grasp the national brand policy, the key points of the qualitative change of the SEO industry, and based on the original development direction and foundation, clearly put forward the "brand SEO" development strategy declaration, and call on the majority of practitioners to change their business accordingly, develop a new world of brand network marketing and promotion, and serve the brand China contributes its own strength.

Brand Solutions BOO SEO

BOO (Brand Online Optimization) brand online optimization is to optimize the online search of the brand's online reputation and maintain it in a good state.In the process of brand Internet marketing and promotion, it acts as a communication window. A good brand image is also a high-quality advertising material. It comprehensively provides customers with information to win trust and plays a crucial marketing role before the transaction is concluded.

米国生活After years of research and development, following scientific management methods, combined with the 4P theory in the field of Internet brand marketing, we have rearranged Product, Place marketing, Promotion and arrival, Price and transaction, and found a set of own solutions. Named as BOO SEO, it can control the network communication and aggregation effect in many aspects and levels, optimize the brand image, increase the brand conversion rate, and proceed from the real needs of customers.

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