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Brand category

Brand category

(XNUMX) According to the radiation area of ​​brand awareness

Brands can be divided into regional brands, domestic brands and international brands according to the brand's popularity and radiation area.

Regional brandRefers to a brand that is produced and sold in a smaller area, for example, a regionally produced and sold specialty product.These products are generally produced and sold within a certain range, and the product radiation range is not large, mainly affected by product characteristics, geographical conditions and certain cultural characteristics. The phenomenon of Henan et al.

Domestic brandsIt refers to the products that are well-known in China, the products are radiated all over the country, and the products are sold nationwide.For example, the electrical giant - Haier; the cigarette giant - Hongtashan; the beverage giant - Wahaha.

International brandIt refers to brands with high reputation and high reputation in the international market, such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Marlboro, Mercedes-Benz, Ericsson, Microsoft, Pierre Cardin, etc.

(XNUMX) According to the different aspects of the production and operation of branded products

According to the links of product production and operation, brands can be divided into manufacturer brands and operator brands.

manufacturer's brandRefers to the brand that the manufacturer designs for the products it manufactures.There are many manufacturer brands, such as SONY (Sony), Mercedes-Benz, Changhong and so on.

        Dealer brandIt is a brand created by dealers according to their own needs, understanding of the market, and the needs of enterprise development.Dealer brands such as "Sears" (department stores such as "Wangfujing") and so on.

(XNUMX) According to the source of the brand

According to the source of the brand, the brand can be divided into its own brand, foreign brand and grafted brand.

        Private labelIt is established by enterprises according to their own needs, such as Honda, Dongfeng, Motorola, Quanjude and so on.

foreign brandsRefers to the brand acquired by the enterprise through franchising, merger, acquisition or other forms.For example, the Beijing "Jinghua" brand acquired by Unilever, and the French brand ST Dupont acquired by Hong Kong Dickson Group.

        graft brandMainly refers to new products with brands of both parties formed through joint ventures and cooperation, such as Qindao - Liebherr.

(XNUMX) According to the length of the life cycle of the brand

According to the length of the life cycle of the brand, it can be divided into short-term brands and long-term brands.

short term brandIt refers to the brand whose life cycle lasts for a short period of time, which is short-lived or lasts for a while in the market competition for some reason.

long term brandRefers to the brand life cycle with the replacement of the product life cycle, can still endure, eternal youth brand.For example, the time-honored brands in history; Quanjude, Neiliansheng, etc.There are also some world-renowned brands that have developed internationally for a long time, such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz and so on.

(XNUMX) According to the domestic or export of brand products

According to whether the product brand is aimed at the domestic market or the international market, the brand can be divided intoDomestic brandexport brand.Due to the huge differences in the macro environment such as law, culture, technology, etc. among countries in the world, a product has different brands in different national markets, and also has a separate brand in the domestic market.The division of brands into domestic brands and export brands is not good for the overall dissemination of corporate image, but due to historical, cultural and other reasons, it has to be adopted, and the new brand name should take into account the influence of internationalization.

(XNUMX) According to the behavior of the brand

According to the different industries of the branded products, the brands can be divided into household appliance industry brands, food and beverage industry brands, daily chemical industry brands, automobile machinery industry brands, commercial brands, service industry brands,Network information industry brandWait for several categories.

In addition to the above categories, brands can also be divided into strong and weak brands according to the situation of products or services in the market;

(XNUMX) According to the originality and extension of the brand

According to the originality and extension of the brand, it can be divided intomain brand,sub-brand, Deputy brands, such as "Haier" brand, now there are Haier refrigerators, Haier color TVs, Haier air conditioners... Haier laundry phase is divided into Haier Prodigy, Haier Energy Saving King...etc.In addition, brands can be divided intoparent brand,Sub-brand, Sun brand...etc. such as Head & Shoulders, Rejoice, Pantene...etc from Procter & Gamble

(XNUMX) According to the ontology characteristics of the brand

According to the ontology characteristics of the brand, the brand can be divided intoPersonal brand,enterprise brand,City brand,National brand,International brandWait.For example, Liu Xiaoqing, Jiang Wen, Zhang Yimou, Wang Nan, etc. belong to personal brands; Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, Ningbo International Clothing Festival, CBD Festival, etc. belong to urban brands; Pyramid, Great Wall, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc. belong to national brands; The Red Cross is a world-class brand.

(XNUMX) According to the brand hierarchy theory, the brand can be divided into four layers -enterprise brand,family brand, single brand (product brand), brand modification.Take the "GM Buick" series of cars as an example, here "GM" is the corporate brand, Buick is a family brand, Regal, Sail, and Rongyu are a single brand, and G 2.0 and GS 2.5 are brand modifications.Judging from the history of Hongqi, "Hongqi" is only suitable for a single product brand at this stage, not a corporate brand or a family brand including high-, mid- and low-end cars.

other:own brand(Self-ownedBrand).Self-owned brand refers to the brand that is independently developed by the enterprise and has independent intellectual property rights.It is measured by three main factors: market hold, history of production R&D and its position in the industry as a whole.

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