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Do you dare to vote with a minimum daily budget of 1k for headline search?

As a service provider in the search engine industry, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of the search engine market and the industry status of search engines. We need to open the Toutiao search engine to see if we can occupy part of the search engine market on the mobile terminal. We have opened the Toutiao search engine. Can not help but be surprised.

In the market environment with great downward pressure on the economy, Toutiao opened a new business line and monetized through new products. We have seen Toutiao’s ability to incubate new products, and Douyin (we do not mention whether the conversion of advertising business traffic is effective or not). )'s success has given Tencent an additional competitor in the social field, and the launch of Toutiao's search business will certainly make Baidu nervous to a certain extent, making SEOers worry about the future of the search engine business, and these worries are necessary ?

Toutiao search engine daily budget starts from 1000

You would never have thought of this information without opening Toutiao search, because although Toutiao search is a search engine, it does not follow the conventional route of search engines. The conventional search engines Google, Baidu, 360, and Sogou are all customized according to the customer's day. Budget, specify customer search keywords for delivery, and if you assume that the headline search engine is the same as the regular search engine, then you are wrong.In the case of the market downturn, the headlines are going in the opposite direction, and we can't help but ask a question mark?

Are the users of Toutiao search engine the target users?

The feedback we got from Toutiao is that Toutiao has a lot of traffic during non-working hours, and the keyword placement is not so precise, but a completely extensive placement state, assisted by "big data tag matching", Toutiao is not yet. As is generally understood by search engines, it is more of a state of information flow.

Can Toutiao search engine be comparable to Baidu search engine?

Before the Toutiao search engine came out, we had a lot of criticisms against Baidu, but with the Toutiao search engine, we have seen the professionalism of Baidu search engine, Baidu's background, advertising mechanism, and the maturity of the process. At least, we know the money How is it consumed? The real-time status of display and consumption can also be viewed in the background. We feel that the position of Baidu search engine in the domestic market is still very stable. In China, no search engine can be as responsible as Baidu.Moreover, in the case of Baidu's weak growth, we can see the continuous improvement and improvement of Baidu. Although the system is too large, it is not easy for Boss Li to manage it. After all, we have seen the direction and action.

There are always some early adopters who come out and see the comments on Toutiao’s official website, which are quite negative (of course Baidu has a lot of negatives, but there are also comments that after reading Toutiao, you know that Baidu is good, although Baidu also has a lot of room for improvement).

Traffic inspection

To be Toutiao today, I suggest that you must check the traffic to see if your traffic source comes from a computer room. If it is the traffic from a computer room, then it is difficult for you to find customers, or forget the conversion rate, because, Conversion never started.

米国生活As an enterprise founded by Beijing Integrity, I call on some big companies to not only think about their own pockets, but to do the social responsibility of big companies. The richest people should not only be players of capital, but strive to be enterprises that are valuable to the society. The original intention of a good company with 102 years is worthy of respect, but later found that 102 years is just a routine.

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