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Brand Marketing "Three, Four, Five"

Brand marketing is a process in which a company makes its brand and products known to users through marketing.In the long run, companies must do a good job in brand marketing if they want to maintain a competitive advantage.

What should be paid attention to in brand marketing?

Brand marketing needs to pay attention to 3 aspects

1. Brand positioning should be precise

Different industry brands have different positioning. Brand positioning can be considered from the dimensions of market positioning, price positioning, image positioning, geographic positioning, crowd positioning, and channel positioning.

2. Building the brand image

Brand image refers to a connection established by an enterprise by connecting a certain brand with certain things and certain events in the life and work of target consumers.Brand image building is a long-term process, and brand image building needs to grasp the principles of systematic, full-staff, unity, distinctiveness, and emotionality.

3. User experience of the product

When a user chooses a product, in addition to the brand factor, the more important point is the product. The quality, practicability and user experience of the product have a great influence on the user's choice of brand.

Therefore, in the production and design of products, enterprises need to pay attention to conform to consumer psychology and market demand, break through traditional thinking, and be brave in innovation.

There are four major strategies for corporate brand marketing

(XNUMX) Brand personality

The creation of brand personality can be considered from the aspects of brand naming, packaging design, product price, brand concept, brand spokesperson, image style, and brand applicable objects.

(XNUMX) Brand Communication

In the final analysis, brand communication is a method or approach, which is a variety of direct and indirect methods for enterprises to inform consumers about brand information, persuade consumers to buy brands and maintain brand memory.Brand communication can use advertising communication, public relations communication, promotion communication and interpersonal communication.

(XNUMX) Brand sales

Brand sales can be carried out through channel strategies, personal selling, clerk promotions, advertising promotions, event marketing, preferential rewards and other methods.

(XNUMX) Brand management

The four key elements of doing brand management are building credibility, gaining support, building relationships, and increasing opportunities.

There are five steps to managing your brand:

1. Market analysis;

2. Brand situation analysis;

3. Setting the future status of the brand;

4. New product or new concept test;

5. Brand planning and evaluation.

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