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Five Strategies for Brand Marketing

XNUMX. Nostalgia Marketing Strategy

With the help of scene creation, product style, and re-experience of kindness, innocence, and simple happiness, soothe "anxious adults".

What frustrates adults is that they always have to look strong.At an age of great stress and anxiety, wanting to go back to the times before the troubles came may be the secret of every adult.Although the past is just as crazy, trivial and restless.

However, after the "nostalgia" that is regarded as a sign of aging, it is often unexpected, which makes us full of hope and strength for the future.


XNUMX. Fame is more convincing than beauty

The boundaries of contemporary celebrity and fame are infinitely expanding, and influence is the brand.

Being envied by others is a common feature of celebrities both at home and abroad.Ordinary people never seem to be able to truly get close to their "ideal self", such as winning the top spot, heroes saving the world, wealth, fame, and attractiveness, these are the universally recognized goals of life in a "safe" society.

Although on the surface, most people resist "star chasing", it is undeniable that the products used by celebrities will make people think that the product information is more real, the impression is more profound, and the memory is stronger.Buying and using these products seems to make ordinary people feel like they are "favorite" and "jealous"

Everything" is closer together, the psychological term is "empathy".


XNUMX. The magic of symbolizing the scene

Implicit symbolic scenes can help real good products, quickly transmit selling points to users, and gain trust and endorsement at the subconscious level.

Is "sweaty" soda more pure and refreshing?Compared to the few bottles of other brands on the shelf.Is the sea fish lying on the ice cubes fresher and more delicious than the ones in the freezer of the refrigerator?Tomatoes with sparkling "dew" must come from the fields this morning

head?Is the juice with the image of the fruit and the farmer printed on the package higher and more natural?

Users are always "preconceived" at the subconscious level. The images they see first, what they hear first, and the memory impressions they get first will dominate their minds, and they will not be easy to change when they encounter different opinions later. and accept.


XNUMX. Trend Marketing

Helping to make the right choice is exactly one contribution of trend marketing.

We always have a hard time escaping "peer pressure".

We instinctively observe the behavior of others and remind ourselves of decisions such as: how to walk, what music to listen to, what car to drive, and how to get trends for next year.There seems to be an instinctive belief that others know better what they want.This instinct is said to come

Since walking out of the jungle, trembling human ancestors.

Of course, you can also say "no" without hesitation. This may be becoming another new trend of walking out of the urban jungle and panicking "new human beings".


XNUMX. Don’t pay for disruptive products

Why are revolutionary innovative products, innovative services, and subversive designs often difficult to accept in the early stage, and it is difficult to quickly open the market.From the perspective of consumer psychology:Products that have not been experienced have no positive emotional associations, and may even be misled by "old product resistance forces".

It becomes a negative emotion, and it is difficult to find the meaning of the purchase.

"Once bitten, twice shy".This ancient Chinese saying contains a behavioral physiology point of view: people's associations and habits are directly linked to past experience, especially strong or long-term stimulation, at the level of the brain and muscles, has formed a certain memory experience.

For example, soldiers who hear the passwords of "stand at attention" and "lying down", hear short and sharp "emergency gathering" whistle at night, and quickly make habitual behaviors at the level of muscle memory.For example, when Chinese people talk about "Beijing", even if they have never been there, as long as they can sing "I love Beijing Tiananmen Square" since childhood, see

After watching CCTV, you will immediately associate: Tiananmen Square, Huabiao and the Great Wall.

It is not difficult to understand that in order for disruptive products to succeed, they often requireContinuous efforts in the early stage, through concept popularization, scene demonstration and product experience, visual and audio advertising, and even a large number of KOL opinion leaders waved their flags after the trial, in order to warm up and educate the market.

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