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8 Tips for Selling Online

1. Clear purpose
The first rule of selling products is to clarify your purpose. You want to sell products to the other party, and you must know what you can help the other party.A purposeless marketing will only make the other party feel offended.
2. Get to know each other
It is very important to understand the needs of the other party, especially your own potential customers, whether he really has needs, or just "just take a look".Then you must first become a "friend" with him, and then develop into a partner, let him know you, and you will get to know him further. After understanding, even if he does not want to buy your products, he will not be disgusted with you. At least gave him an impression that you are making this product.
3. The opponent's rhythm
Looking at the other party's rhythm means looking at his level of love. Even if you don't say a word, he may pay, but if you don't say a word, even if you only say one more sentence, it will deepen the other party's disgust.
4. Opposite mode
Understand the current situation of the other party, what products he is using now, or what methods he is using now, and only after knowing his pattern can we guide him into your own situation.
5. Hint
In marketing, we must remember to say what should be said, and never say what should not be said.Suggestion is to attract the other party to you, not to push the other party out.
6. Hard-to-Eat
Don't be in a hurry in marketing, you must grasp the psychology of potential customers, put yourself in a higher position, and don't beg him to buy. The more you ask him, the more he thinks you can't.
7. Ordinary heart
It is the psychology of many marketers to do everything possible to get the other party to buy, but the reality is: if you meet 100 customers, maybe 99 customers are not your food, and they will not cooperate with you, since they have no good feelings for themselves , do not want to buy their own products, then choose to leave, forced marketing is not enough, you must have a sense of calm.
8. Understand the product and meet the needs of the other party
Be sure to be very familiar with your product!Be sure to be very familiar with your product!Be sure to be very familiar with your product!Important things said three times!

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