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What is the role of word-of-mouth marketing in promoting business growth?

How does word-of-mouth marketing affect your business?Why do corporate websites need word-of-mouth marketing?Everyone knows the term "Internet Marketing", but word-of-mouth marketing is also a part of Internet Marketing.What is word-of-mouth marketing?Word-of-mouth marketing is to provide consumers with the products and services they need under the premise of investigating market needs.At the same time, formulate a certain word-of-mouth promotion plan, so that consumers can automatically disseminate good evaluation of the company's products and services, so that people can understand products and build brands through word-of-mouth, and finally achieve the purpose of selling products and providing services.
In short, word-of-mouth marketing is word-of-mouth marketing.In word-of-mouth marketing, having novel, easy-to-spread stories is a good formula.If you want to cause word of mouth marketing, you must first pass the quality of service and product, and then have a topic.For example, if we buy something new and people think it's good and valuable, we can't help but recommend it to friends around us.This is the basic form of word-of-mouth marketing.Common word-of-mouth marketing includes the following:
XNUMX. Word of Mouth Marketing - Emotional Guidance - Driving Emotions:
Next time such word of mouth is mainly to drive away emotions.The traditional method is to improve customer satisfaction, so that customers maintain a good and positive mood in the process of experiencing the service.There are also a variety of ways to arouse people's emotional ups and downs.For example, some media will use some exaggerated headlines to attract people.Also known as a "title party".Engage people and stir your emotions with endless headlines.This marketing method is relatively direct, but it is also very risky, and it may also cause people's negative emotions and adversely affect the enterprise;
XNUMX. Word-of-mouth marketing - social evaluation orientation, human psychology needs to be respected:
It’s easy to get nervous when recommenders create word of mouth in their lives.Because the recommender provides the recommender with experience and insight that the recommender has never experienced, the process of communication is like an expert's affirmation of things, with a sense of belief and value. Therefore, the company's products and services are in this kind of The "sense of value" and "sense of uniqueness" are formed in the user's mind, allowing customers to gain value and trust.The key to the natural spread of word-of-mouth is for companies to seek the sense of value of customer identity, or to create concepts that can resonate and recognize consumers, and then attach them to the brand;
XNUMX. Word-of-mouth marketing - psychological needs, in the face of various unknown choices, people will seek advice from others:
Many industries have publicity methods such as product evaluation and product trial, which are actually a means of publicity and communication.For example, in the boom years of the computer industry, various articles on computer evaluation, market and evaluation are of interest to computer enthusiasts, who repeatedly learn and appreciate.During the development of smartphones, comparisons and evaluations of various mobile phone models on the market are also very popular.Because from the perspective of consumer psychology, in the face of multiple choices,米国生活There is a natural sense of confusion, fear of buying expensive, fear of buying the wrong one, and fear of quality problems after buying.This sense of confusion prompts people to seek advice from others;
Fourth, word-of-mouth marketing - the consistency of online and offline word-of-mouth, do not let online and offline word-of-mouth disconnect:
On the Internet, the priority of word-of-mouth is: social function emotion; while the priority of offline word-of-mouth is: emotional function society.As soon as Xiaomi's mobile phone was launched, it has won a lot of good reputation for Xiaomi under the banner of high cost performance.However, because Xiaomi has been engaged in "hunger marketing" for a long time, the supply is in short supply, and everyone's comments on Xiaomi online are also very sharp, but when Xiaomi opens up the purchase, everyone is still eager to buy.Then Xiaomi gave up "hunger marketing" and opened offline sales, and the offline reputation gradually reversed, so Xiaomi's turnover also increased.
After the comparison, the conclusion is that word-of-mouth marketing is a marketing method that is more suitable for consumer psychology, because recommenders and recommenders often help companies to carry out word-of-mouth marketing unknowingly, but they do not know it.In the process of recommendation, the recommender also gains trust and respect, and the recommender also gains new experience and cognition, so that consumers will continue to flow recommendations with friends around them, and word of mouth spreads farther and farther.In addition, the study found that word-of-mouth effect is crucial to the development of enterprises.

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