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Supply-side reform of Internet promotion and marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises

The survival of small and medium-sized enterprises is very difficult. Due to the size of the company, it is often difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises, small and micro enterprises to directly sign contracts with large and medium-sized enterprises. This is mostly caused by the domestic business environment in China. First, because large enterprises Don’t control the relationship between the two, because corruption is the main reason; second, big companies looking for small companies may not be able to directly find reliable companies, because there are too many situations where small companies have to promise first in order to survive, so there is no way to improve products and services. The space for quality, the quality of products and services stays put, it's a vicious circle.How to crack this marketing conundrum.

Build brand thinking

Brand thinking is a key to solving the problem of product and service quality of small and medium-sized enterprises. When your products and services provide corresponding guarantees, you can compete with other enterprises, especially the middlemen and second-order dealers of certain types of services (after all They have no service capability other than forwarding mail).

Build brand image

A big country must have the appearance of fighting a country, and a brand must have a brand image, design a good LOGO, find a slogan that does not forget the original intention and follow the party, tell a brand story that is easy to remember and spread, design a website, and edit an encyclopedia. Publish several videos, do a good job of corporate product pictures, and design several brochures.At the same time do a few relatively hard, trademarks, technology companies, awards and so on.

Open up network channels

There are many online channels. At the very least, build a website first, so that others have the opportunity to see your service content, your strength, right?If you can't find it, how can customers choose you and negotiate business with you?
Of course, after a good website is built, there may not be customers directly. Many people only print on business cards after building a good website. Such a value-oriented website needs a position with SEO functions to do it, either train its own people or outsource it. , But SEO is a knowledge system that is more complicated than learning to develop code. It is still difficult to learn SEO well. After all, SEO is optimization, step by step, and continuous optimization.

Other ways to find customers

In the past two days, a friend introduced an SEO client, but my friend is a developer and doesn't know much about the market, SEO, and SEM. However, on the one hand, he wants me to pretend to be someone from their company and say The website needs to be adjusted. After the demand is generated, it can be developed again, although the value is zero (the website is not the same as the internal management system of the enterprise, you have to use the internal system if you don’t need it, the users are there, and the website, if you can’t do it well, No SEO, no one sees it), on the other hand, they want me to play the role of a third party and objectively describe the reasons why the website needs to be improved. When it comes to marketing, I talk and act like an expert. The client knows that I am not part of their team, who is an expert, and the client is not stupid. Come on, don’t say it. Friends need to contact them. After a long time, you can find out more. For example, it creates information asymmetry and plays a key role as a middleman. However, this customer is also introduced to him by others. If it is the same friend relationship, the marketing side can directly introduce it.It doesn't matter if you don't introduce it, I now think of other ways:
1. Bypass you.
2, not through you.
3. Build an English website, or even a German website, or even a website in other languages, and they can search my website on Google.
In the later stage, we will no longer be short of such customers.
We believe that the so-called era of knowing the customer is the core value of the contract will disappear sooner or later, and our responsibility is to make this era come to an end as soon as possible.

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