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APP design, development, testing and operation team capabilities

As an independent app development project team, the personnel generally include: product manager, UI/UE design, APP developer, test specialist, operation team, and the ability configuration of each position:
1.Product Manager: With professional knowledge of communication, computer, etc., independent software development experience, proficient in using network testing tools, familiar with software development structure and process; good teamwork ability, communication and expression ability, and certain project management experience ; Full of passion, strong executive ability and team-leading ability.
2.Program developers: Computer, software engineering and other related majors, familiar with language development frameworks, able to complete android and iOS development independently; proficient in Java, PHP, C++ and other programming languages; good programming thinking and code specification habits, good at collaboration.
3.Test specialist: Computer, software engineering and other related majors, with rich experience in APP testing; understand the testing framework and process of android and iOS application software, familiar with QA standards, proficient in the use of testing software, and have certain data analysis and communication skills And document editing ability; rigorous and careful, good at collaboration.
4. UI designer: Visual communication, art design and other related majors, proficient in APP interaction design; proficient in Photoshop, Flash, Illastrator and other professional software; have a strong artistic sense and high aesthetic level, understand the market requirements for interaction design, able to Accurately grasp the aesthetic needs of users; be patient and responsible, have strong communication and understanding skills, and teamwork skills.
5.Operation team: Marketing planning, market operation and other related majors, rich experience in product operation and marketing methods, able to accurately grasp market trends and social hotspots; have project promotion and management experience, strong market research and data analysis capabilities, familiar with APP On-line, maintenance process; strong execution, enthusiasm and good communication, quick thinking, good team spirit.
XNUMX. Job responsibilities
1. Project Manager
①. Develop project plans according to company requirements, be responsible for team building, and coordinate division of labor management.
②. Evaluate the market, risks, etc., determine the marketing strategy, formulate the budget table, and implement various resources such as human and material resources.Write project declarations, project plans and other products, and complete task approvals.
③. Regularly hold team meetings to understand the progress of the project, solve problems, adjust the strategic deployment in real time, and report the progress to the company in a timely manner.
④. Grasp the market trend, analyze the market demand, analyze the feedback data and adjust the strategic layout in time, guide the completion of tasks at each stage, and be able to participate in programming, testing and formulating sales strategies when necessary.Responsible for the supervision and management of various tasks throughout the APP life cycle.
2. Program developers
①. Determine the program function according to the user's needs, and carry out the modular design, and complete the program writing task program according to the division of labor of the product manager.
②. Debug and compile the parts that you have completed, make detailed annotations, and complete the development of functional modules.Collaborate to build backend and database.
③. Mutually check the completeness and simplicity of each other's programs, modify and optimize them.Modify its own BUG according to the test results of the test specialist, and make optimization adjustments.
④. Modify module functions according to later feedback data, and carry out product upgrade and maintenance.
3. Test specialist
①. Test each version of the software, record and describe the problem phenomenon, analyze the BUG source, and write the test plan and report.
②. Feedback on the test experience, put forward targeted modification plans, and participate in and analyze user experience surveys.
③. Participate in and analyze user experience surveys, be able to grasp the user interface style and content according to market demand, and write market demand documents and product demand documents.
④. Carry out product architecture design, responsible for client and user interface design, modification, design optimization, product image positioning and advertising design, and cooperate with programmers to complete interface coding.
4. UI design
①. Conduct market research, determine software functions, market positioning, operation mode, and formulate feasibility reports.
②. Conduct preliminary user survey and analysis, and improve and refine product functions according to the market; after the release of the beta version, conduct surveys on user experience, analyze data and report the direction of modification to the team.
③. Perform data analysis on user activity, software downloads, etc. in the later period, feedback general maintenance, and formulate product and marketing plan revisions based on user opinions.
④. Responsible for product launch and daily operation.
5. Operation team
①. Responsible for negotiation and follow-up of project partners.
②. Develop a publicity and sales plan, open the campus market through traditional media and emerging media, be responsible for product development, and expand the number and activity of users.
③. Organize and plan product promotion activities to enhance product image.
④. Establish user communication channels and follow up user experience testing.

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