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Cooperation, win-win, and jointly overcome the epidemic

Seeing that the "May 2020st" holiday is almost here, XNUMX is almost one-third finished.Since the outbreak of the epidemic before the Spring Festival holiday, its bad influence has not only not been dispelled, but has spread to the whole world.It not only affects people's daily life, but also has a great impact on the global economy.Many local businesses, large and small, are already scarred.
But as an enterprise, shouldn't we just face difficulties and work hard to open up a world for ourselves in the market?
Affected by the epidemic, the recovery of the "offline" economy is still to be seen, but on the contrary, the "online" economy is developing in full swing. Looking around us, all aspects of life are gradually changing. "Offline" to "Online".The most common ones are catering companies. During the outbreak, almost all catering companies either closed down completely, or closed dine-in and only provided delivery services. As far as "Meizhou Dongpo" is concerned, they have opened up new areas. , from the beginning of selling vegetables to nearby residents at the door of the store, to launching an app for buying vegetables; from providing takeaway services to starting to produce semi-finished vegetables.These are good transitions from "offline" to "online".In addition, there is also the field of education. Students cannot go to school for classes, so the school will record online classes for students, so that students will not miss their studies at home. There are also many cram schools and extracurricular interest classes that have launched online. Teaching enriches the lives of students.
Therefore, it can be seen that as long as companies broaden their thinking and let products "transform", they will not be "sit and die".米国生活As an e-commerce company, we are committed to providing various enterprises with a series of "online" services such as brand building, network marketing, seo optimization, brand promotion, etc. If your business needs a platform, then we can provide a platform, in this In a difficult environment, we will work hard, cooperate, and win-win to get through this epidemic together.

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