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The three stages of brand value maintenance

A brand not only exists as a trademark, but also contains rich market value.Although the popularity of a brand is only temporary, and the brand may not be successful forever, if effective brand maintenance is carried out, the value of the brand can be preserved and appreciated.The maintenance of brand value is in different stages.Its work focus and goals are also different.
The initial stage of brand maintenance lies in the construction of the brand. The main focus is on promoting the brand concept, business scope, and product structure. The brand value can be maintained and displayed to consumers by combining online and offline methods. Brand image with distinctive brand image, such as the use of unique brand logo, catchy brand slogan, etc., insert brand value into the brand slogan.To allow the public to subtly implant brand information, the focus of the initial work is to lay the groundwork, and its importance cannot be underestimated.
In the mid-term of brand maintenance, it is necessary to focus on operations.Brands are aimed at making profits. If you want to continuously increase sales, you naturally need better brand operation capabilities.From the production, retail, and after-sales links of the product, we will control the quality of the product, present the best brand value to customers, and improve the customer's degree of brand and product satisfaction.Absorbing customer groups like a sponge, expanding its own sales, and increasing the scale of the company will also help to maintain the brand value.
The later maintenance of brand value is carried out gradually under the premise that the enterprise brand has been successfully launched and the enterprise is profitable. During this period, the enterprise should further analyze the brand strategy and start a new stage of brand maintenance. At this time, the brand should be detached from the product itself, Become an independent existence of a business culture.Also pay attention to understand what consumers need first, and then improve the product, constantly upgrade and evolve, and provide better service and user experience.The later brand maintenance is to stabilize the existing value of the brand and further generate new brand value.
The maintenance of brand value is an eternal topic for enterprises.Only by attaching importance to the maintenance of brand value, adopting different methods at different stages, and continuously optimizing and progressing, can the brand maintain its vitality and bring continuous benefits to the enterprise.

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